Zeaxanthin Supplements Help You See Eye to Eye

What is the main use of zeaxanthin supplements? Every day our eyes are exposed in environments that cause strain: daylight is too bright, while smoke and dust ride with you along the street.

You also take too much time on a computer screen, further creating more problems for your sight. If left unchecked, you'll notice a gradual change of your vision, perhaps even toward permanent blindness.

In order to prevent our vision from degenerating, what you need change your diet and take supplements that are good for the eye.

Zeaxanthin supplements are a good example. The compound they contain is already part of the eye and plays an important role in the maintaining vision. Zeaxanthin supplements are like to food to eye, and a well-fed eye is healthy.

Partners in Crime

Zeaxanthin and lutein are both found in the retina of the eye. As such, they contribute greatly in developing and keeping the eyesight. Both are capable of preventing cataract and even macular degeneration.

The levels of lutein and zeaxanthin are also connected to heart disease. The lower the levels, the more likely will there be locked arteries. Together with lutein, zeaxanthin, and beta-carotene, they are able to protect the body by killing off free radicals and thereby preventing damages caused by them.

Where to Buy Zeaxanthin

Heading over to a local market in search for a zeaxanthin would yield nothing. Instead, one should focus on which fruits and vegetables contain the substance. Zexanthin sources include goji berry, broccoli, kiwifruit, and corn. Regular intake of such fruits and vegetables will help you develop a good vision.

If finding such a fruit is much of a problem, you can always try zeaxanthin supplements such as Total Balance produced by xtend life products. Among each capsule contains the right amount of zeaxanthin for the eyes.

But they are not just zeaxanthin supplements for the eye; they are also capsules capable to protecting the body from any harm.

Working for Vision

A zeaxanthin supplement would not be enough to take care of your eyes. Thus, Total Balance has lutein, aside from the zeaxanthin plus bilberry extract and other ingredients that make the eyes good. Total Balance has 10mg of zeaxanthin and 50mg of lutein, making around 80 different kinds of supplements inside a single capsule. This makes the capsule pack a good value for money, as you get multiple benefits without having to spend so much.

Zeaxanthin Side Effects

Unlike other supplements, taking zeaxanthin does not cause any harmful side effects. However, moderation is still advised. Remember that the Total Balance capsule is made up of lots of nutrients, so when taken obsessively, it is possible that you end up getting some side effects.

For example, too much lutein and lycopene may cause the skin to get some discoloration. That discoloration will take weeks to remove and will also take away time away from the supplement.

Red clover extract, which fights menopause and cancer, prevents the capsule from being paired with a birth control pill. Taking in the birth control pill with the supplement may reduce the effectiveness of the pill.

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If you do an analysis of the ingredients in a bottle of Total Balance and compare with other products you will find that it provides exceptional value for money…even against simple mass produced products with lower bottle costs.