Xtend Life Fish Oil: Your Safest Way to Better Health

Experience the Unmatched Benefits of Fish Oils to Empower Your Health to its Fullest

You probably have heard a lot about the great effects of fish oil to your health. Fish oils are quite popular, and I find this not surprising at all.

The great benefits of fish oils to general health are quite remarkable. Let me give you some current information about this nutrient that I have discovered during the course of my research.

Fish oils: Are you getting any?

If your major concern is to stay as healthy as you can, then you should not miss out on any of the important nutrients available today. I have found out that many people, including the health buffs, miss out on some of the most important nutrients needed by the body: essential fatty acids (most especially omega 3, 6 and 9).

The misconception that all forms of oil are harmful to the body has existed for the longest time. I grew up to believe this, and you probably have, too.

In the past few decades, however, the idea that essential fatty acids are major contributors to better health has been discovered. Boy, what a difference that made! It was also found that the best source of these essential fatty acids is fish oils.

The awesome benefits of fish oil

What benefits do fish oils offer? Let me concentrate my discussion to Omega 3, which is ultimately the main nutrient that we get out of fish oils.

Omega 3 fatty acids are one form of polyunsaturated fat and are one of the so-called essential fatty acids (EFA's). Our bodies do not have the ability to make EFA's. It is thus important that we obtain them from outside sources, mainly through supplements.

And now, the actual benefits

Only a few people can really understand what omega is and what it is that they exactly do. Simply put, omega 3 has been found to promote over-all health and prevent disease. It has significant positive effects on cardiovascular and heart health.

It has also been seen to help alleviate allergies and skin disorders, and promote skin health in general. Omega 3 helps relieve arthritis and gout, improve visual function and helps boost the immune system.

These benefits of omega 3 are not merely anecdotal, but have been backed up by strong clinical evidence.

Omega 3 Sources: Where to get Fish Oil

It is worth noting that there are two general categories of omega 3 fatty acids. The first two types called DHA (docosahexanoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) are both present in cold water fish, and while the third type called ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) are present in vegetables and flaxseed.

DHA and EPA are two forms that are readily absorbable by the body. ALA on the other hand would need to be converted to DHA or EPA first. This conversion can only happen given healthy conditions, and a normal healthy body can only convert a maximum of 20%.

Therefore, taking omega 3 directly from fish oils is the only way for you to take advantage of the benefits of these EFA's. Better yet, taking supplements such as Xtend Life fish oil seems to be a much better alternative.

The Risks in Taking Fish Oils: Be wary!

While the health benefits of omega 3 seems ideal, there are notable risks associated with intake of fish oil supplements. Most oceans, especially those located in the Northern Hemisphere, contain high levels of poisons. These poisonous substances include mercury, dioxins, chemical solvents and organochlorine contaminants - all of which are harmful to the body.

Salmon, a very good source of omega 3, store these toxins in their fatty tissues. This is quite alarming, if you ask me. I figure this is also one of the reasons why people have stopped supporting these products in the recent years.

You now have the chance to take fish oils safely!

Fortunately, you now have the chance to safely take these components through supplementation and enjoy the amazing benefits that they offer. This is because of the fairly recent discovery of the molecular distillation of fish oil to remove dangerous contaminants.

Xtend Life fish oil is one of the few health brands which produce molecularly distilled fish oil.

I am very impressed about how Xtend Life products have always found their way through the health issues revolving around supplements.

Not only that, Xtend Life fish oil comes from this special fish known as Hoki. This fish lives in the purest waters off the south-western part of New Zealand and has a naturally high DHA content.

Though extremely pure and free from pollutants, Xtend Life fish oils are still produced through extensive molecular distillation. You can never be too sure when human health is concerned, right?

Making the right choice

Choosing which to buy from the many fish oil products today can be a little overwhelming. I have spent hundreds of hours doing research on various brands, and figuring out how different one is from the other.

I would like to share with you some factors to consider when choosing a particular fish oil product. You will clearly see later why I highly recommend Xtend Life's fish oils than other brands in the market today.


You may already have an idea of how DHA is important to health and overall development. They are all over in advertisements of milk and products for pregnant mothers and babies. They are the building blocks of the brain.

All my research on DHA and EPA point to one thing: DHA has more significant health benefits than EPA. The scientific and clinical evidence on fish oils mostly involve DHA.

Thus, when choosing among the many fish oil supplements today, it is important that you consider the DHA content. The higher the DHA content, the better health benefits you can enjoy.

Most fish oil products usually contain 180 mg EPA and 120 mg DHA. Note that DHA is more expensive to produce than EPA, so most health brands put in less of them.

Ester vs. Triglyceride Form

On the other hand, if you have tried shopping around for fish oils, you may notice how they come as esterified or triglyceride form.

Esterified fish oils are readily absorbable by the body. Triglyceride forms still need to be converted into esters. The conversion in the body is usually not as efficient.

Therefore, it is but sensible to go for fish oil products which are in its esterified form.

Why Xtend Life fish oil is better

Xtend Life fish oils contain 250 mg of molecularly distilled DHA, a content that is substantial enough to enjoy its benefits. It is more importantly in esterified form, so they are easily absorbable.

Fish Oil Products: Not Created Equal!

You should know that the amazing benefits of Omega 3 do not apply to all fish oil products. The next time you shop around, try looking at the labels. Check its DHA content, its form as well as its manufacturing method.

While there are a few good brands out there which produce quality fish oils, most of them compromise either one or the other. These brands are usually cheaper than those with excellent quality. You get what you pay for, in the first place.

To put it bluntly, why pay for a cheaper brand which barely have good effects and can potentially contain toxins? If you have read this far, I am pretty sure you value your health to never put it at risk.

Better Value for your Money

I did a price comparison on Xtend Life fish oils in relation to other popular molecular distilled fish oil health products out in the market today. If you look at the DHA content and do the math, Xtend Life fish oil comes out the cheapest among the brands.

Although these molecularly distilled high DHA content fish oil products are still remarkably more expensive, you can get the best value for your money with Xtend Life.


As in all health products, it is very important that you get to know your brand first before deciding to take them. This is most especially true for fish oil supplements where a wrong choice may be literally be fatal to your health.

Again, here are the reasons why I highly recommend xtend Life fish oil:

  • Molecularly distilled and safe from any form of toxins or harmful chemicals
  • Natural high DHA content
  • Contains EPA and Vitamin E for better absorbability
  • Esterified form readily absorbable by the body
  • Best value for your money

Aside from these, Xtend Life currently provides 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee and inexpensive or free shipping.

Now that you know better, you should make only the right choice. Go for today. You will surely thank yourself later.

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