XtendLife Lipi-Rite: Offering You the Most Effective Way to Combat Cholesterol

I find it rather pleasing to know that many people are now more conscious about their heart over-all health.

Cholesterol-reducing supplements are one of the most sought after dietary supplements today.

The Truth About Cholesterol

Before we proceed further, let me emphasize two things. First, cholesterol is not entirely bad for your health. In fact, without cholesterol, many functions in your body will not work.

As in many other things, too much of cholesterol can be quite harmful. It can affect cardiovascular function and increase your chances of stroke and other related diseases.

Thus, what you should aim for is to regulate your cholesterol levels.

Note too that cholesterol imbalance is not only prevalent in older people. Whether you are young or old, it is very important that you monitor your cholesterol levels to minimize health risks.

Why You Need Cholesterol Reducing Supplements

You might have been told that eating right and maintaining good diet is the best way to go from here. However, did you know that only 20% of your cholesterol comes from the food you eat?

More than 80% of your cholesterol is produced by the body. Therefore if you want to correct imbalances and decrease amounts, you need to deal with it internally.

This is basically why I recommend you to take cholesterol reducing supplements.

What About Statins?

Statin drugs are by far still the most widely-used medication against high cholesterol. Statin drugs have been proven effective for lowering cholesterol. However, this effectiveness is at the expense of your liver. Statins have also been seen to result to muscle pains and even impotency.

Another problem with statins

Aside from harmful side effects, statin drugs have another more important downside. While they are effective in lowering cholesterol, these drugs do not really resolve the issues that cause the levels to go up.

This simply means that statins only provide short term relief, without assurance of permanently lowered cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol-Reducing Supplements: Lower Cholesterol Without Side Effects

Fortunately, with cholesterol-reducing supplements, you do not have to risk your liver or your ability to bear offspring without any assurance of long term relief.

What are cholesterol-lowering supplements all about? Well, these supplements are generally made of all natural ingredients which are effective in restoring cholesterol levels without the side effects.

Before I explain further on these kinds of supplement, I would like to discuss what cholesterol lowering is all about. What does it really mean when you say reduce cholesterol levels?

There are six ways by which you can naturally regulate the level of cholesterol in your body:
  • Reduce the production of cholesterol
  • Decrease the ability of your body to absorb cholesterol
  • Decrease cholesterol oxidation
  • Decrease the amount of blood fats circulating or dissolve cholesterol particles
  • Stop cholesterol from building-up in your arteries
  • Increase the rate by which cholesterol is being excreted through the bile

It can be quite difficult to measure these activities. However, cholesterol lowering supplements must be able to provide you these benefits for them to be really effective.

I have examined a number of supplements in the market. This new formulation from Xtend-life called Cholest is probably the most promising one out there.

XtendLife Lipi-Rite (formerly Cholest-Natural) is effective in maintaining your cholesterol in a healthy level by:
  • Lowering the level of LDL (bad) cholesterol
  • Increasing the levels of HDL (good) cholesterol
  • Lowering the level of triglycerides

Lipi-Rite is a third generation formulation which took years of research to perfect. Each capsule has been professionally formulated to lower cholesterol in the most natural way possible.

What makes Lipi-Rite effective? Let's try to look into the ingredients of this formulation.

Lipi-Rite supplement is made up of a number of ingredients

which have all been proven to help reduce cholesterol. This includes:
  • Policosanol, a sugar cane extract proven to help the body break down LDL cholesterols
  • Gugullipid Extract, a natural herb seen to prevent build-up of cholesterol in the liver
  • Beta sitoserol, which is proven to prevent ingestion of cholesterol in the intestines
  • Theaflavin extract, naturally found in tea, works effectively in lowering LDL and increasing HDL levels

Cholestasys Problems: Cholestasys vs. Lipi-Rite

Though this is mainly a Lipi-Rite (formerly Cholest-Natural) review, I would like to mention another cholesterol-lowering supplement which you may already have heard of. Cholestasys supplement is quite popular in the recent years.

In general, both Lipi-Rite (formerly Cholest-Natural) and Cholestasys promise the same cholesterol lowering effect. But how does each measure up to the other?

It is worth mentioning that Cholestasys is worth about twice more than the price of XtendLife Lipi-Rite. If you compare their labels, it is very obvious how Cholestasys formulation does not quite closely match up. To give you an idea, each Cholestasys capsule only contains 5 mgs of policosanol, while Cholest-Natural has about 28 mgs!

Also, if you consider the ingredients, XtendLife provides you up to 5 times more in total dosage. These ingredients have been carefully designed to work together to provide the health benefits that Lipi-Rite promises.

I can imagine how you can get more results taking half a dosage of Lipi-Rite (formerly Cholest-Natural) than a full dosage of Cholestasys. It is now probably clear why I am recommending XtendLife's cholesterol-lowering supplement.


To summarize, Lipi-Rite (formerly Cholest-Natural)

is an all natural ingredient that can help keep your cholesterol level at its healthiest. It works by normalizing the LDL, HDL and triglyceride levels in your body.

What makes Lipi-Rite(formerly Cholest-Natural) most effective is that it can:
  • Reduce the production of cholesterol in the body
  • Decrease cholesterol absorption in your liver and intestines

The combination of natural oils, phytonutrients and extracts in this cost-effective formula offers all these without harmful side effects seen in statins and other conventional medications.

Lipi-Rite targets cholesterol reduction by attacking the root of the problem - from within.

More Health Advice

Even if the diet is a little less important in lowering cholesterol as you have previously thought, it is still very important that you maintain a healthy diet and proper exercise.

I also recommend that you supplement your diet further with Omega 3 essential fatty acids which helps reduce triglyceride levels. You can check out more supplements from XtendLife Natural Products all of which I highly recommend for many reasons.

With the right food, health habits and supplements, you will be on your way back to a better, fuller quality of life you deserve.

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