Xtend-Life Not Just Joints: Your Chance to Having your Vibrant Life Backe

I have been recently studying arthritis supplements in the market. I found it overwhelming to find out that there are hundreds of them out there. For sure, you will be too.

Thus, I would like to conclude my research on these supplements with this product review. If you are looking for a supplement for arthritis that is right for you, then you have come to the right page.

You probably know how millions of people all around the world suffer from conditions related to arthritis. In the US alone, more than 70 million individuals are afflicted with it.

Conventional Arthritis Treatment: Why it is not Enough

People suffering from arthritis traditionally succumb to medications to relieve their pain. These drugs are effective for the most part. They help relieve the pain, which may be enough for most people.

However, these drugs have been seen to have negative side effect, most especially on cardiovascular health. Aside from that, these drugs never really get to the root of the problem.

By taking these, your pain may be relieved now but one false move will surely trigger another attack. And so the cycle will begin again.

On the other hand, severe cases of arthritis call for surgical measures. Though it is more evasive and can improve the functioning of deformed joints, there is really no assurance that surgery can permanently get rid of arthritis.

Does this mean that arthritis really has no permanent cure? Well, let me explain further before answering this question.

Arthritis is Not Part of Ageing!

Arthritis is so prevalent that we have all been led to believe that arthritis is a natural part of ageing. It is like a phase that most of us just have to go through.

This way of thinking can be quite dangerous. If you just take this condition lying down, then you will increase your chances to be one of the millions suffering severely from it.

What am I trying to say? You should know that there are over 100 forms of arthritis which can be prevented and are potentially curable.

What I am trying to say is that arthritis should no longer be seen as the much-feared disease that we have no control over. With proper nutrition and means of prevention, most arthritis-related conditions can be avoided and severe cases can be alleviated.

This discovery has already set many people shifting their mindsets. I believe this is the reason why the demand for arthritis supplements has tremendously increased in the recent years.

Arthritis Supplements: Break Free From the Cycle

What is great about arthritis supplements is that it promises to treat the symptoms and prevent the occurrence of arthritis-related conditions. They do not only target the pain, but they also try to do something about the underlying cause of the pain. So, if you are tired of the pain cycle, you may want to start taking arthritis supplements.

As I mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of arthritis supplements in the market. Since they are supplements, they promise a better way for treating the symptoms of arthritis, without any negative side effects.

Now, let me focus your attention to one supplement which I find most interesting.

Xtend-life natural products, a health company which has formulated a number of leading supplements such as Total Balance, has recently released Not Just Joints - their banner supplement against arthritis.

Not Just Joints (formerly Arthrit-Eze) is one of the most highly advanced arthritis supplement on the market, probably even the most. It offers four important advantages:
  • Provides you relief from pain
  • Offers rejuvenation from ALL forms of arthritis
  • Provides a safe and natural formulation
  • Effective without negative side effects

A Holistic Approach to Arthritis

More specifically, this product aims to:
  • Reduce inflammation, swelling and stiffness at the joints
  • Address the underlying causes of arthritis
  • Restore the cartilage
  • Restore depletion of glutathione in the body
  • Increase joint mobility
  • Restore and protect the affected joints
  • Target the root cause of the pain to provide long-term relief
  • Increase the immune system support
  • Improve condition of the skin on the affected areas

It is obvious that this product has a holistic approach towards arthritis. It does not only try to relieve pain, it also restores the cartilage to undo the damage it has been subjected to. Moreover, it tries to protect the affected joints to prevent another possible cycle of pain.

The Edge of Not Just Joints Over Other Arthritis Supplements

If you have tried looking through the different arthritis supplements, you will find that most of them contain a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin.

These are mostly cheap supplements which, for the most part, are enough to support cartilage regeneration and promote the reduction of pain and inflammation.

However, if you have a severe case, these types of supplements might not be enough. In cases like these, Xtend life Not Just Joints (formerly Arthrit-Eze) may be worth trying.

What makes Not Just Joints special?

Not Just Joints is not just one of the natural arthritis supplements out there in the market. Let us look into the ingredients that each Not Just Joints tablet contains.

It contains about 31 essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids, natural supplements and herbal extracts. Many of these all natural ingredients are not found in other supplements.

"Why too many ingredients?" you may ask. The aim of Xtend-Life with this special formulation is to address the multiple causes of a wide variety of arthritis. These ingredients have been carefully studied by scientists, and integrated into a unique formulation that ensures maximum effectiveness and safety.

Best results happen due to the synergistic effect that is brought about when these ingredients work together.

Ingredients such as the celery extract, phellodendron bark, SAMe and cetyl myristoleate are quite costly and difficult to add into the formulation.

Thus, you should wonder why Not Just Joints (formerly Arthrit-Eze) costs a little more than regular arthritis supplements. With all the ingredients added, you are assured of better chances for recovery without any undesirable side effects.

An All-in-One Formulation

Not Just Joints is an effective, All in one formula which you can solely take to relieve your arthritis. This basically means that you can take it instead of the side effect-laden arthritis medications prescribed to you.

It probably helps to know that Not Just Joints is produced by one of the most reliable health supplement manufacturer today - Xtend Life. I have done various other reviews on a few of their other products. You may want to check them out as well

There actually is hope for recovery from arthritis. Though you may not restore all the damage 100%, you still have a good chance to have that vibrant, more active life back.

Oh, and Not Just Joints (formerly Arthrit-Eze) comes with a special money-back guarantee. I recommend that you avail of this risk-free package and enjoy a better quality of life starting now.

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if your problem is severe, and/or glucosamine has not been effective for you, then it would be prudent to try Not Just Joints.