A Great Herb for Women – Wild Yam Benefits

A lot of women have recently discovered the wild yam benefits that are available to them.

Wild yam, or Dioscorea villosa has a long history of use as a women's herb and is indicated for various problems that a woman could face during her cycle. The wild yam herb can be taken in various forms including wild yam cream and in capsules. But in order to understand if you should take this herb it is important to do your own research as to the benefits of it. Also, consult with a doctor or natural health care specialist who understands and supports your efforts in wanting to approach matters of health from a holistic standpoint.

Wild Yam Benefits

So, what is wild yam used for? There are several benefits of wild yam usage. Though it has a long history of use as a woman's herb, it also has several other benefits. One of its other folk names is "colic root" to pay homage to the fact that it is a great herb for colic. The thing that makes wild yams effective for certain conditions is the fact that it is considered an antispasmodic. This means that it is capable of relieving spasms including those in the intestines or those brought on by menstrual cramps.

Use as a Woman's Herb

The most common wild yam benefits include those that are related to female complications. The antispasmodic property helps with menstrual cramps. It is also used for nausea during pregnancy. In general, it is a good tonic for the female system because it can help balance out the hormones. You can take it in the form of a cream or you can take wild yam capsules. Benefits also include its use during menopause .

Wild Yam for Menopause

Another of the wild yam benefits is that it is commonly used during menopause. Progesterone cream with wild yam is an important addition to a menopause relieving regimen. The most common way people take Mexican wild yam to help with menopause symptoms is in the form of a cream.

So what is wild yam cream? It is a cream preparation that is made from wild yam. It is said to help with the related hormone problems that can come about during menopause. Though a lot of people report that using the cream in this way is helpful for them, it hasn't been proven yet in the lab. Keep in mind that if you want to use the cream, there is no evidence to suggest that it will harm you so it may be worth a shot if you have menopause symptoms.

Wild Yam Side Effects

Using herbs to help with certain conditions is a great way to help heal the condition from a holistic standpoint. That is one of the wild yam benefits. It is an herb that can help support your body and stimulate it into healing. But there is one thing to keep in mind especially with estriol. Wild yam has disgenin which can react with estriol in the body. While this may not be a bad thing, estriol is also present in certain medications such as birth control. When the two react, it could make the birth control ineffective.

Taking Wild Yam

If you have decided to take wild yam, you can either use the cream or take it in capsule form. It works well when in a formula that is designed for women's health. These formulas have ingredients that work together to help support the female system. A good product to try is Xtend Life's Total Balance Women's Plus. It contains ingredients that help support women's health. Everything works together. By using this product you get all the wild yam benefits you could want plus other things that can also support the female body.

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