Getting Your Own Supply of Vitex Supplement

Would you like to have your own vitex supplement? These days, when everything seems to be only a click away, it's very easy for you to find what you're looking for. Moreover, if you take a look at in the market, you do have plenty of brands when it comes to this herb.

Get to Know the Herb

One of the first things you need to know is how the herb works and what it is. For instance, it is not recommended by those who are suffering from endometriosis and should not be taken by men who have prostate cancer.

This is actually a chaste tree berry extract. The tree also comes in different names. It's usually called vitex agnus castus or monk's pepper. It's called as the latter for two things. First, monks eat the leaves to prevent having sexual urges. The leaves can also add flavor to food.

The tree normally grows in the Mediterranean region or in places where there is plenty of sunshine. It needs sunlight to make sure it produces vitex fruit and flowers. The latter comes in different shades. They can be white or lilac or blue. The flowers can also bloom for several months. Most of the plants are useful, but the one that's very commonly utilized is the herbal extract.

The Use of Vitex

You can readily find a vitex supplement for women. BreastfeedThis is because vitex is commonly intended for the treatment, regulation, and improvement of fertility. It can stimulate the production of luteinizing hormone and can provide balance between estrogen and progesterone secretion. It can tap into the pituitary gland and hypothalamus, two parts of the brain that controls the hormonal production.

It's recommended for women who are suffering from premenstrual syndrome to take vitex. It can reduce the abdominal cramps, as well as the headaches. It will also get rid of the bloated feeling.

It may also be taken by lactating mothers, particularly those who are having a hard time producing breast milk.

How to Buy Vitex

The most common form you'll find is the vitex capsules. A very good brand so far is Total Balance Women's Premium. It has 50 mg of chasteberry extract, which is just what your body needs. The further good thing about the supplement is it has enteric coating system, which makes it easier to absorb by the body.

It is ideal for women who are 30 years old and above. By this time, effects of hormonal imbalance will be more pronounced. This is the age where infertility becomes stronger and production of estrogen is very high. Too much estrogen is dangerous since it can promote breast cancer.

Is it possible to use vitex supplement for the guys? The answer is yes, but there's something you should know about vitex supplement for men. It can reduce sexual drive. Moreover, there's a difference between the hormones of men and women. Men may want to talk it over to their physicians first if they desire to use the same supplement.

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