The Tie That Binds Vitex and Fertility

Is there an undeniable connection between vitex and fertility? How does it do it? Is it safe to take?

Know What Vitex Is

Before you get to know how vitex works, you should first know what it is. Vitex is actually a type of chaste tree. That's why the fruits of it is something called chaste tree berry. It is usually grown in subtropical climates such as the Mediterranean area. You can grow the plant too within your place, but you need to make sure that it has plenty of sunlight. Otherwise, it will not bear any fruit.

It can grow from 3 to 5 meters and can also develop flowers of varying shades. Sometimes th

ey can be white, though usually they are blue or lilac. They can also bloom for quite a long time, from summer all the way toward the early times of fall.

You can make use of the different parts of the chasteberry herb. For example, you can obtain the flowers and obtain the extract. You can then use the fluid to add more fragrance into your home. However, it's the vitex agnus castus extract that is highly valuable to women, especially for those who are having problems with infertility and menstrual cycle.

How It Works

PregnancyThere are actually various chaste tree benefits. A long time ago, monks would eat the leaves of the tree to control their sexual urges. This is also why it's also known as the monk's pepper. Moreover, it can add flavor into any food, adding it some hotness that is completely bearable.

During the Greek and the Roman era, the chasteberry tree had been utilized to promote fertility. Back then, nobody knows the reason why. However, the recent studies and peer reviews will tell you why.

The extract doesn't act as a reproductive hormone, but when taken, it can stimulate certain glands and parts of the brain, such as the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland to produce luteinizing hormone (LH), which is usually lacking for people who have problems with fertility. Moreover, it reduces the creation of follicle stimulating hormone or FSH.

It can also help balance the production of estrogen, another female hormone. In fact, because of its effectiveness, many scientists believe that the extract will show success in treating or at least greatly reducing the chances of developing breast cancer. Cancer cells grow rapidly with the overproduction of estrogen.

The extract also offers help for women who tend to suffer from painful menstruation. It relieves them of headache, bloated feeling, nausea, leg restlessness, and abdominal cramps. For those who are currently breast-feeding, they can take the same herb in order to produce more milk and decrease breast pain or tenderness.

The Best Vitex Supplements

You can find many of them in the market, but the most recommended when it comes to vitex and fertility is Total Balance Women's Premium, which has 50 mg of chasteberry extract. This dosage is enough for what your body needs. It's also further boosted by enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, things women who are thirty years old and more need.

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