Increase Your Knowledge about Vitex Agnus Castus

Vitex agnus castus - no, we are not trying to cast a magic spell here. It's actually an herb, and a powerful one, used by women all over the world. It is one of the best natural remedies for treating and improving female fertility and menstrual cycle.

Get to Know the Plant

Vitex agnus castus is a tree found in areas where the weather is considered warm or temperate. This is the reason why it's mostly cultivated in the Mediterranean region. It also requires a lot of sunlight and a very good soil. It may also grow in coastal areas, but they may not be able to bear any fruit because of the lack of sunlight.

It also comes in different names. These include monk's pepper, safe tree, wild pepper, and Indian spice. However, because it's a type of chaste tree, it's also known as chase lamb tree or chaste berry.

The vitex herb can develop flowers and can grow to more than 4 meters but usually never more than 5 meters. The flowers can come in different shades, from white to violet or blue, and they can continue to bloom even before the onset of winter. Some people harvest the flowers and get the vitex extract. They can use it for its excellent aroma.

Therapeutic Uses

Almost everything from the plant can be used for various reasons. These are the flowers, stems, and the vitex chaste berry extract.

There are also plenty of uses for the vitex extract. Lately, it has shown great promise in the treatment of female-related cancers, such as breast cancer. This has the ability to control the production of estrogen. Too much of this hormone usually promotes cancer cells.

Interestingly, the monks in the olden times chew on the leaves since it can reduce the effects of the androgens, thereby reducing the sexual drive. This may also explain why males who want to produce children should avoid taking this extract.

Nevertheless, women need them. The use of vitex for fertility dates back to more than 2,000 years ago during the times of the Greeks and the Romans. It has the ability to stimulate the hormones that prevent infertility.

There are thousands of women who do suffer from painful menstrual cramps before and even after the flow. If you tend to experience this, you may want to take vitex agnus castus. It is very excellent in reducing the signs or symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, such as cramps in the abdomen or leg restlessness. It can also get rid of headaches, fatigue, and bloating feeling.

For those who are breast-feeding or lactating, you can increase the production of milk and reduce breast pain or tenderness by taking this extract.

How Do You Do It?

Unless there are so many chaste berry trees in your area, you have to look for another way on how to obtain the extract. The best way is to purchase a vitex supplement. For women who are 30 years and above, they can opt for Total Balance Women's Premium, which contains 50 mg of chaste berry extract.

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