Vitamins May Not Be the Answer for Preventing Canker Sores

It has been thought that canker sores are caused by the body being deficient in vitamins. Could the cure for them be taking vitamin supplementation? Let us look at what one study has to say to discover the answer.

Vitamins for Canker Sore Prevention

A study comprised of 160 adults who had suffered from three canker sores in the last years was performed. These adults were all about 35 or so years of age. At random, they were allotted to take recommended dosages of multivitamins. Within the year of the study, these adults had 702 outbreaks of canker sores, all being confirmed by an examination. There were no differences between those allotted to take the vitamins and the ones that did not take the multivitamins. The average for the outbreaks was 4 and the length of time was about 8 days with each person each time. The pain reported was about the same, and men and women alike suffered the outbreaks.

One note on the adults involved in the study. They did not suffer from vitamin deficiencies at the start of the study. It is still believed that allergies, stress and vitamin deficiencies could cause canker sores. However, this study proved that vitamins alone are not the cure for canker sores.


Vitamins don't seem to prevent canker sores.

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