Vitamin D Could Help to Fight Cancer

Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention

In some studies, high amount of vitamin D serum has shown to help keep certain types of cancer from forming. However, how it does this is still being studied. A recent report brought out in February 2012 in Mutation Research, a scientific journal, offers proof that vitamin D could prevent cancers from forming because it protect the DNA from getting damaged from free radical activity. Damage to the DNA has long been thought the reason that many cancers occur.

Vitamin D for HealthVitamin D is best known for how it helps the body maintain the health of muscles and bones. Along with this fact, it also helps keep the integrity of DNA according to the report's authors. According to Nair-Shalliker V and colleagues of the Cancer Council of New South Wales in Australia, vitamin D prevents damage to the DNA and helps to regulate the speed at which cells grow, therefore preserving the integrity of the DNA.

Vitamin D and Oxidative Stress

One study showed that supplements of vitamin D could lessen the amount of oxidative damage in the body, because they cause a reduction in the marker of this type of damage. Studies conducted on cell cultures and animals show evidence of vitamin D could even lengthen the lifespan of humans. This is because of the reduction in telomerase activity, chromosomal aberrations and oxidative stress damage. It also prevents telomere shortening.

Vitamin D and DNA Repair

Along with other findings, it was found that vitamin D helps to regulate the cycle of the cells to prevent the spread of DNA damage. It also helps to regulate the process of apoptosis, which encourages cell death. When cancer strikes, it is more known for cell growth not cell death and this is why it continues to spread.


Vitamin D may indeed help fight cancer

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