Know Whether You Need a Vanadium Supplement or Not

If you are not familiar with vanadium, it is an essential trace mineral that we need for normal functioning. If you have a normal, healthy diet, there is typically no need for you to take vanadium supplement. There is no RDA established for vanadium, though 10-30 micrograms a day should be enough.

Vanadium Sources

Vanadium is found in many food sources such as mushrooms, seafood, soybean as well as some cereals. It is also richly found in sunflower, corn, safflower and olive oils as well as parsley, green beans, carrots, oat and cabbage. They are found abundantly, so vanadium deficiency is not as common.

Benefits of Vanadium

What function does vanadium play in our body? You might find it interesting to know that vanadium has a number of health benefits. First, vanadium has been found to be necessary for tooth and bone development. Vanadium is also reported to play a significant role in the metabolism of carbohydrates.

It is also believed to help in metabolism of cholesterol and blood lipids. If you have too little vanadium, you may end up with high cholesterol as well as triglyceride levels, and you are at a higher risk for cardiovascular and kidney related diseases.

Vanadium Supplements

Yet again, vanadium supplements are not as necessary since most diets are enough to fill your need for this mineral. However, there are certain cases and conditions when vanadium supplements are prescribed. These supplements usually come in the vanadyl sulfate form, its most common form.

Vanadyl Sulfate and Diabetes

There is more to Vanadium than the benefits mentioned above. Vanadium is believed to also play a significant role in the transfer of blood sugar (glucose) to the muscles. This, as you may know, is actually the function of the hormone insulin.

Aside from its blood sugar lowering effect, it is also seen to increase the sensitivity of the muscles to insulin. Thus, if you have type 2 Diabetes and insulin resistance is responsible for your condition, vanadyl sulfate can be a prescribed treatment.

Vanadyl Sulfate and Bodybuilding

Since vanadium can increase absorption of sugar in the muscles, it can store more energy within the muscles. This means that your body will not have as much glucose to store as fat. As a result, it can increase muscle mass, vascularity and blood flow. Weightlifters and body builders can achieved best results by taking vanadyl sulfate as part of their program.

Vanadium Toxicity

For a time, vanadium has been regarded to cure many diseases. However, it has been found to be toxic at high concentrations. Therefore vanadium supplements should only be taken with your doctor's approval. Typical doses of vanadyl sulfate supplement can range from 30 to 60 mg a day only.

Product Recommendation

If you have diabetes, in a bodybuilding program, or suffering from vanadium deficiency of some kind, we highly recommend Vanadyl Sulfate 7.5 mg from Life Extension.

It provides 1.5 mg in every pill, taken once daily. It is best that you strictly follow the recommended dose for Vanadium Supplement. Remember that higher doses can be potentially more harmful than beneficial.

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