My name is Robert Rister, and I've helped over 800,000 readers sort through the truth of natural health claims over the last 15 years.

I have written books on herbal medicine and a 753-page reference book called Healing without Medication. I've given interviews on over 300 radio and television shows. I've also formulated many herbal products that are sold in stores and over the Internet.

I have a reputation for being very careful about what I tell people about natural products. The Townsend Letter for Doctors and Forbes Magazine call me a "conservative" natural health products expert. That's not a political statement. It's a cares-about-people statement.

Anti-Inflammation Protocols

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Even if I formulated the product myself (and you won't find any product I formulated on any site that sells my ebooks, that's an ethical no-no), I stick to the evidence of efficacy and explain how good the evidence is.

I've researched, written about, and explained natural approaches to conditions ranging from Achilles tendonitis to zinc deficiency. If there is any one single topic that I feel most people need to know more about, however, it's inflammation.

In my new ebook, THE ANTI-INFLAMMATION PROTOCOLS, I write about the simple changes in diet and lifestyle that stop inflammation, the driving force behind many (although not all) diseases.

My new over 200-page ebook will tell you everything you need to know to go beyond what your doctor does for you to find lasting relief of pain, irritation, and inflammation in dozens of disease states.

THE ANTI-INFLAMMATION PROTOCOLS gives you a simple self-test to determine whether inflammation really is an important concern for your health, and, for some people, it's not.

Then I give you a 30-day anti-inflammation diet with specific recommendations for nutritional support of dozens of common health concerns, including Achilles tendonitis, acne, ADHD, allergies, alopecia areata, Alzheimer's, anxiety, arsenic poisoning, asthma, atherosclerosis, athlete's foot, back pain, balanitis barber's itch, bursitis, cervical dysplasia, dandruff, depression, dyslexia, ear infection, emphysema, gallstones, gout, hemorrhoids, hives, irritable bowel syndrome, noise, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and prostate problems.

Inflammation is never the whole cause of any disease, and this book really is not about treating disease. It's about helping you avoid common symptoms of inflammation and finding relief from pain. THE ANTI-INFLAMMATION PROTOCOLS are intended to empower you to enjoy the best natural relief while you and your doctors find the best medical care.

I think that over 200 pages of potentially life-changing information is a bargain for $19.

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