Testosterone Supplements Could Provide Heart Failure Patients Certain Benefits

Research conducted at the University of Alberta and reported in the Circulation Heart Failure, found that patients with heart failure that were given testosterone supplements could discover their breathing improve and that can participate more in exercise. The report actually covered four different studies on patients who were suffering with chronic heart failure on a moderate to severe level.

Heart HealthIn each study, the participants that took the testosterone supplements scored 50% higher when tested with walking opposed to those that took placebos. In addition, 35% of the ones on the supplements improved 1 to 2 grades in their overall condition using the New York Heart Association grading system, compared to only 9.8% that did not take the supplements.

Therapy using testosterone also causes the patients to have added skeletal endurance quite quickly on top of added muscle mass. This kept up for about 1 year. Justin A. Ezekowitz, M.D., M.Sc., the author of the report stated, "The improvement in exercise capacity was consistent across all of the studies. Compared to patients in placebo groups, the differences were striking."

Larger studies need to be performed for confirmation of these facts, before therapy with testosterone supplement should be used for heart failure patients according to the researchers. Therapy like this focuses on the skeletal muscle instead of the heart muscle.

Ezekowitz stated, "We don't want patients and their loved ones rushing to buy testosterone supplements online, or physicians to misinterpret the findings. First the results need to be corroborated in large clinical trials."


Testosterone Supplements Help Heart Failure Patients Exercise More And Breathe Better

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