How Stinging Nettle Remedy Helps Men

Is it possible to get a stinging nettle remedy? From its name, you may think that this plant will do more harm than good. The truth is it can definitely sting you. However, if you can look past its imperfection, you can discover how it becomes helpful when it comes to improving the quality of your health.

Know What Stinging Nettles Are

This is called by so many names. This is sometimes referred to as common nettle, burn hazel, burn weed, and burn nettle. It can grow in different parts of the world, though a huge concentration can be found in Europe, Asia, and South America such as Brazil. One thing is for sure, though, it can definitely sting you.

The sting can be brought about by its needle-like hairs that can instantly come off when you touch them. The hairs contain different types of chemicals, such as 5-HT, histamine, and serotonin. Thus, you can suffer from burning sensation or constant itching. The feeling can last for several days or even for weeks.

Nevertheless, it does offer stinging nettle remedy. If you want to know what the benefits are, you should continue to read.

Stinging Nettle Benefits

Despite whatever doubt you have about stinging nettle remedy, it can actually help maintain your body. The stinging nettle extract can do a lot of things.

For one, it can increase the level of iron in your blood. Unknown to many, stinging nettles contain a lot of iron. When there is enough haemoglobin in the blood, you can encourage coagulation as well as formation of blood cells in the body.

Are you suffering from rheumatism or arthritis? These are more than just joint pains. They can prevent you from doing your daily activities, including walking. However, you can depend on the stinging nettle cure. It can help reduce the inflammation of your joints.

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, you can also utilize the plan to cure a lot of skin disorders, including eczema and perhaps even acne. A lot of people will go through such stage, so it is definitely a welcome knowledge to know that there is something you can depend on once you're struck with any of these skin diseases.

Men, on the other hand, can enjoy the stinging nettle remedy. Besides being a diuretic, which means it improves the removal of uric acid in the body, it can also help control bathroom urges during night time. It can also reduce hair loss, which is very common among men, by lessening the effectiveness or production of DHT by the body.

If you are suffering from benign enlargement of the prostate, one of the usual complaints you'll have is urination. Stinging nettles can help you with that.

Stinging Nettle Treatment

The truth is that a stinging nettle remedy can be elusive, if you're still thinking you can get the plant yourself. That's why you have to rely on Total Balance Men's Premium from xtend life products. This supplement is already enriched with 100 mg of extract from the nettle roots.

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