Knowing the Effectiveness of Red Clover Supplement

Red Clover PlantIn the fields of North America and Europe is an unassuming little plant that is often left at the mercy of farm animals but is the main source of red clover supplement. Moreover, this plant can actually help women in a big way.

The small plant is the red clover, with its small red leaves and a tiny flower containing some of the most beneficial ingredients in the world. This has been used for centuries in curing skin rashes or healing cough.

New discoveries have now revealed that a red clover supplement is more than just for the skin but is also beneficial to all women out there.

The Benefits of Red Clover

Studies show that the extract from the plant contains isoflavones. Isoflavones are plant chemicals that create effects to the body as if it was estrogen. This is very good news to women experiencing menopause, as well those suffering from heart conditions or osteoporosis. The pains associated when a woman experiences menopause, such as fits of emotions and hot flashes, can now be alleviated.

The red clover plant also contains tumor-fighting compounds, which can help patients with certain forms of cancer. Aside from this, scientists have also discovered tocopherol, an antioxidant. One way of keeping cancer at bay is through antioxidants, which keep free radicals from causing any damage.

For the Heart and Bones

Isoflavones are known to increase the levels of good cholesterol in the body. Furthermore, a red clover supplement is also known to improve the passageways of blood near the heart. On the other hand, women with osteoporosis can also make take a red clover dosage in order to reduce bone loss.

This is because estrogen levels affect bone density, and since isoflavones are like estrogen, bone loss will slow down. It can even ensure that bones of young women will have a strong bone density until they grow old.

Red Clover Supplements

It will definitely be difficult to find out where to buy red clover. Even the extract is actually quite hard to buy. Besides, a red clover supplement can do exactly the same job without having to pound the leaves just like what they did back in the day.

These supplements are a convenient way to become healthy without having to modify any diet. A good product is Total Balance from xtend-life. As the name implies, it is not just a capsule with red clover; it contains several other nutrients designed to give the body the total protection.

Not Just a Red Clover Supplement

Each capsule of Total Balance Premium has 50mg of red clover. The rest of the capsule is made of other helpful substances such as lycopene, lutein, bilberry extract, and many more. Lycopene is good for the heart and in fighting cancer; bilberry extract together with lutein helps maintain good vision.

Red clover, since it is a natural supplement, does not carry any side effects. However, it is advised to take the supplement always in moderation and to avoid taking birth control pills at the same time. This is to ensure that no untoward reaction occurs.

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