Red Clover Extract: What You Get

Who knew that a red clover extract from a small plant found in North America and Europe carries several potent ingredients that can be used in treating the most serious of conditions?

The red clover herb is actually considered a pea and has tiny red-colored leaves, which gave its name. Mostly, it is just used as food for cattle and other farm animals.

Later it was discovered that the red clover extract, found in the flower of the plant, has medicinal value. The uses of the tiny plant can only be used as impressive, making it one of the most popular supplements today.

What Is Its Secret?

Further study has revealed that red clover is rich in isoflavones, a chemical that can mimic what estrogen does for the body. Isoflavones have been instrumental in the treatment of several issues such as osteoporosis, heart ailments, and menopause. It significantly reduces a common condition associated with menopause known as hot flashes. Similarly they reduce other effects such as emotional swings.

Aside from isoflavones, it has also been confirmed that red clover has compounds that battle tumors. The red clover extract also contains antioxidants, capable of reducing the chances of cancer by fighting free radicals in the body.

Preventing Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis Risk IndexOne of the many red clover benefits is the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis among women. It has been found out that bone loss is directly related to the reduction of estrogen levels when the woman is undergoing menopause. Several studies have concluded that a red clover extract, through isoflavones, can treat bone loss and even help in maintain the bone density of younger women.

The cardiovascular system also benefits from the red clover extract. Many women taking a red clover supplement was found to have better arteries. Research is also well underway in investigating the whether red clover can encourage good cholesterol among women who are nearing menopause.

How to Get the Most Out of Red Clover

Traditionally, it is the red clover extract that has been used to treat skin problems and also as cough medicine for children. However, distribution of the red clover extract in its purest form seems very unlikely, which is why other convenient forms have been created such as red clover capsules.

This way, a lot more women are going to be able to enjoy the red clover plants without having to grow some on their own. Furthermore, it is also possible to combine the benefits or red clover with other natural ingredients in order to maximize its healthy effects.

Total Balance from xtend-life is made up of over 80 different supplements combined in a single capsule. Aside from containing 50 mg of red clover extract, it also has other powerful ingredients such as lycopene, lutein, and zeaxanthin. Each of these nutrients contributes to the overall protection of the body against diseases, ensuring a healthy individual.

One should not expect any red clover side effects since this is a natural product. As always, though, always take anything in moderation and should not be used while taking birth control pills.

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