Red Clover Benefits: How It Helps Both Men and Women

Do you know that there's a long list of red clover benefits? The red clover blossoms, which are commonly picked by little girls to make into necklaces, can actually help people deal with joint pains to even prostate and gynecological issues.

Where the Red Clover Blossom Comes From

Before we get into details of the many red clover benefits, let's understand first its origin. Also known as Trifolium pratense, this herbaceous plant is a native of Europe and western part of Asia. It would just normally grow in the meadows. However, there are other countries such as the United States who have decided to grow their own red clover . Hence, there's a good supply of it right now.

It's a perennial plant that features trifoliate leaves. This means that a leaf will have three leaflets. The flowers are not really pure red but are just darker pink. The plant itself doesn't stay alive for a very long time.

Red Clover Benefits

The flowers of the red clover have been one of the favorite additions to birthday cakes. Because they are also very beautiful, they are usually used as home decors or even added into iced teas and other summer beverages. They are also planted in front yards to liven up the garden or to serve as a therapeutic tool for those who are suffering from mood disorders.

The red clover seed, where you can get the red clover extract, is helpful for women who are already in their menopausal stage. Unlike the synthetic hormone therapies, the special compound of red clover called phytoestrogen allows it to simulate the functions and properties of a female's natural hormone. When taken, it can boost the level of sexual hormones in the body, allowing you to properly manage your menopausal symptoms including hot flushes.

Immune SystemThis will also reduce the chances of menopausal women from suffering cardiovascular diseases. This is because it can increase the level of good cholesterol in the blood. This can also strengthen bone density, so women will not be more prone to developing osteoporosis.

Another popular red clover remedy is its ability to fight off infection. The extract itself contains isoflavonoids, which can reduce the inflammation in the body. It can also relieve the body from bacteria that may cause various kinds of infections.

Other uses of red clover include treatment of kidney and liver diseases, as well as boosting of the immune system. It can also improve the circulation of blood all over the body, so all body cells get the right nutrients. It can also prevent blood clots and halts the build-up of plaques.

Men can also take advantage of the growing red clover benefits. In a study published in Urology in February 2008, the PSA level, which is used as a basis for determining if one has prostate cancer, has dropped significantly to as much as 33 percent after a year of testing.

Getting Your Red Clover

There are many supplements that contain red clover, but the best so far has been Female Rejuvenator of Xtend-life, which has 100 mg of it from Trifolium pratense. This means that the red clover extract did not come from a naturalized source but a natural one.


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