Pantothenic Acid Benefits

The Various Pantothenic Acid Benefits

You have probably heard about the many pantothenic acid benefits that are being talked widely about today. There is a growing popularity of pantothenic acid supplements today and an overwhelming number of positive feedbacks on those who have used it.

For those who are not as familiar, pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 is a water soluble vitamin that is found widely in nature and is very important for human (as well as animals) for growth, reproduction and in normal physiological function. It is involved in many bodily functions and is indeed very essential.

Pantothenic Acid Benefits to the Body

Pantothenic acid, also known as pantothenol, is used for the production of coenzyme A (CoA) and 4-phosphopantetheine, both of which are important in more than 100 metabolic reactions in the body.

CoA is in turn involved in the release of various macronutrients in the body, most especially fats, the metabolism of toxins and drugs in the livers, and the synthesis of lipids, steroid hormones, acetylcholine, hemoglobin and melatonin.

Pantothenic Acid and Acne

Pantothenic acid supplementation has gained popularity in the recent years. The most significant and widely publicized pantothenic acid supplement benefit is its use in acne reduction.

The basic idea behind the use of pantothenic acid to cure acne is that the production of CoA (which it is responsible in producing) accelerates the breakdown of skin oils that are major factors in the etiology of acne. This is the main reason behind the relationship between vitamin B5 and oily skin.

This hypothesis has yet been scientifically proven. However, there have been an overwhelming number of people who attest to the effectivity of pantothenic acid for acne.

Pantothenic Acid Treatment for Acne

Perhaps the growing question is: Can pantothenic acid treat acne? Theoretically speaking, pantothenic acid has pronounced anti-inflammatory effect that supports its usefulness in treating acne, which is an inflammatory condition.

Three is also a good number of research studies that suggest how vitamin B5 increases the level of zinc, which in turn reduces acne breakouts.

Finally, vitamin B5 is responsible for metabolizing many toxins which play a role in acne formation.

Other Pantothenic Benefits

Pantothenic acid is also used widely to accelerate wound and scar healing. It has been seen to help in the production of collagen as well as protein synthesis on the wound site.

Pantothenic acid supplements are also suggested to reverse many negative side effects of alcoholism, specifically disturbed motor function. It also helps protect the body from various toxins, such as carbon tetrachloride and phenols.

The main supplemental form of pantothenic acid is calcium D-pantothenate. Most supplements available in the market are pantothenic acid from D-calcium pantothenate. It has been seen to be as effective as vitamin B5 that you can get from natural food sources.

Needless to say, the pantothenic acid benefit in line with acne reduction is very popular today. Though there has not been scientific proof to confirm its effects, the positive feedback from a growing number of people seems sufficient to confirm its effectivity.

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