The Things You Need to Know about Non Prescription Sleep Aids

If you're suffering from mild insomnia-you have not been sleeping for few days or a week, for example-you can try non prescription sleep aids.

As the name suggests, you don't have to see a doctor and get a receipt from him. You can directly approach any drugstore and ask for these drugs.

Also known as over the counter drugs, these medicines have been tested to be safe to take without any guidance from a health care provider. Nevertheless, they are still being regulated by the health department, especially if these drugs start to exhibit risks or complications to users.

The Typical Non Prescription Sleep Pills

A lot of the over-the-counter sleeping drugs have antihistamines. These include Unisom sleep aid and Equate sleep aid.

For those who have been purchasing antihistamines, you know that they are usually used for the treatment of allergies and cough.

However, it has another side effect. Keep in mind that its name is anti-histamine, which means it contradicts the initial job of histamines, which are actually neurotransmitters.

When they combine with other histamine receptors, histamines can stimulate secretion of gastric acid, contraction of the bronchial muscle, and increased wakefulness. By taking anti-histamines, you inhibit histamines, and thus, you feel drowsy.

Disadvantages of This Sleep Medicine

You may think that just because they can be bought over the counter, they are completely safe. The answer is not necessarily.

They still do have a number of negative side effects, which may include dizziness, fatigue, vomiting, and reduced vigilance. A person may also undergo prolonged drowsiness, where he or she sleeps for a very long period of hours.

If you're taking anti-histamines will you're on the road, there's a huge chance that you will impair your driving skills. You can also suffer from increased heart rate and constipation.

There are also certain kinds of people who cannot take these insomnia aids. If you're suffering from heart problem, enlarged prostate, or glaucoma, you must not take any anti-histamine.

Unisom is not advisable for those who have bronchitis or asthma. They are also not intended for nursing and pregnant women, as well as for babies.

It's also not recommended to use several anti-histamine pills. You may put your life in danger because of the interaction of these drugs inside your body.

Much Safer Non Prescription Sleep Aids

If anti-histamines scare you, then perhaps you better stick with natural sleeping pills . There are also several of them that you can choose. For one, you have chamomile, which you can already find in grocery stores and packed as tea bags.

They contain flavonoids, which then calm your nerves and can push you to sleep really well. Chamomile can also be utilized as oil for your water bath. You can also use them to treat inflammation.

You can also purchase powerful supplements such as Neuro Natural Sleep. This product is composed of more than 40 natural ingredients, at their right doses.

This way, you are sure that there will be no harmful side effect that you will experience upon drinking it.

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