Blood Pressure in Control with Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor

Here are few questions you need to ask in relation to a Microlife blood pressure monitor: Are you prone to high blood pressure or are you suffering from one? You know how important it is to monitor your blood pressure statistics. This can lead to hypertension, which is considered to be a silent killer. This is because it does not give off any obvious symptom until it is already too late.

The good news is you can monitor your blood pressure even if you are far away from home and several miles from your doctor. You can just purchase a portable blood pressure monitor now available at Dr. Fuhrman's online store.

How Does the Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Work?

This handy monitor is highly advanced compared to other blood pressure monitors. To use it, you simply have to turn the device on. This one runs through rechargeable batteries. You can then strap this on to your arms via the medium arm cuffs. The device will then automatically provide you with readings.

Yes, you heard it right. You will get readings. It does not only measure your blood pressure, but it can also be used as a medication alarm (just in case you already have a very short memory). It can also detect irregular heartbeats that may lead to deadly arrhythmia.

But that is not only that. The device also offers the following benefits:


The home blood pressure monitor is so handy its size is just close to that of the palm of your hand. It is not bulky at all, so you can place this inside a purse or small travel bag. You can also bring this anywhere you go, so you can monitor your pressure anytime.


The device comes with a superiorly designed storage and travel case. This is to ensure that it is very much protected from harsh environmental elements that can destroy it sooner than expected. Do not worry, though, if it does, as the device is also protected with a 5-year warranty.


Though it is recommended that each person will have his or her own monitoring device, this can still be shared. There will be additional arm cuffs, one medium and one large. The device also has very huge memory storage. It can keep 99 previous readings.


Would you like to monitor your blood pressure the entire year? That is definitely possible. The device has its own software and USB cable. The application is compatible with Windows operating system.

When you want to transfer information from the device to your computer, you just need to install the software and attach the USB cable in your PC and the device. It is plug and play, so transferring data is not cumbersome.


This device is best blood pressure monitor among the blood pressure monitors for home use according to the British Hypertension Society. Moreover, it features the Microlife Averaging Mode. This means that the three readings, which the device can provide you, will be averaged to give a more advanced and reliable information.

It is latex free to avoid possible skin allergic reactions, and the Microlife blood pressure monitor is large enough for easy viewing. Best of all, this does not cost you over $100.

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