Increase Resistance with Lycopene

What can you get from lycopene? It is an accepted fact that many types of cancer can lead the list of the most fatal diseases not just in North America but the rest of the world as well. Every year thousands of people end up being diagnosed, with a significant percentage given a small chance of survival.

Furthermore, it has been established by leading studies that chemotherapy can only successfully treat a few cancer types. The treatment also comes at a great sacrifice to the patient: hair loss, rejection of food, and low immune system-not to mention the great financial cost and emotional difficulty the family experiences. The small flicker of hope comes by way of lycopene, a substance found in something we might take for granted.

What Is Lycopene?

The lycopene vitamin is actually the carotene found in red tomatoes and other red vegetables and fruits. What is interesting about lycopene is that it has been used to prevent a host of diseases such as atherosclerosis, asthma, and heart ailments. Sources of lycopene have also been known to reduce the chances of cancer.

For example, males who have included tomatoes in their regular diet have been known to be less likely to have prostate cancer than those who do not eat tomatoes regularly. Foods with lycopene have also been recommended by medical professionals in order prevent lung cancer.

How It Helps

Among the carotenes, lycopene is the most active antioxidant. It prevents cancer by killing off free radicals, thereby stopping possible damage in the DNA itself. Studies already report the effectiveness of the red chemical in the prevention of cholesterol formation and even the removal existing cholesterol that is circulating in the body. There have also been successful tests proving that lycopene can treat infertility, osteoporosis, and even diabetes. With constant consumption of lycopene-rich foods, one can be assured of a cancer-free life.

Still there are those who are unable to meet the necessary dietary lycopene dosage due to the limited supply of fruits and vegetables or simply because they cannot change their eating lifestyle just yet. For cases like these, one can turn to products that offer natural supplements such as Total Balance from xtend-life.

This product is infused with over 80 different ingredients, tasked with keeping the body fit and preventing problems from occurring. Just like resveratrol, lycopene when extracted becomes very valuable. This makes Total Balance all the more impressive since it contains over 15 mg of lycopene for premium editions.

Few Side Effects

Since it can be found naturally on select foods, there are only a few lycopene side effects reported. One such incident happened where the skin of a woman turned into a pigmentation of yellow and orange. The condition, which was caused by an excessive amount of lycopene intake, came to be known as lycopenodermia. Doctors also found out that her blood had copious amounts of lycopene.

Aside from the skin discoloration, though, no other physical and internal effects have been observed. Weeks of not eating lycopene-infused foods and not taking any supplements caused her skin to return to normal.

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