Increase Your Immunity with a Lycopene Supplement

There is a good reason why you need to take a lycopene supplement. Heart disease and cancer are top two killers in the entire planet.

Every day, at least one person will die of a heart attack, and another will succumb to the effects of cancer. Heart ailments can be very sudden, always taking the patient by surprise. On the other hand, cancer reveals itself through a series of little pockets of pain that would balloon later if left unchecked. What is common about these two conditions is that they are most likely due to the uncontrolled lifestyle of the person.

As such, they can also be prevented in a similar manner, by eating red fruits like tomatoes or taking in a lycopene supplement.

Where Can You Find Lycopene?

Antioxidant lycopene can be found naturally in many fruits and vegetables, some of them not even showing a red pigmentation. Lycopene has been effective in treating and preventing other diseases such as asthma and atherosclerosis. Heart diseases have been successfully controlled and future attacks stopped by the increase in the lycopene intake in the body.

Males who regularly eat tomatoes have lesser chances of getting prostate cancer. A lycopene supplement is also a part of a doctor's list for patients experiencing lung cancer.

What Does Lycopene Do?

Lycopene benefits are possible because it actively pursues free radicals, which is a major cause of damage in the body. These damages eventually lead up to the ailments mentioned above. The development of cholesterol is also controlled, and the cholesterol already present in the blood can also be removed by lycopene.

Even other high-profile conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes, or male infertility can be helped by ingesting a lycopene extract. Even if one does not include tomatoes and similar fruits in their meal, a lycopene supplement is capable of fulfilling the same role. In fact, there are now dozens of lycopene supplements in the market, all carrying the effects of the red compound in small sizes.

Complete Natural Supplement

One such lycopene supplement is Total Balance from xtend-life. It even ups the ante by incorporating the 80 different kinds of natural vitamins and nutrients in one single pill. Included in Total Balance are lutein, bet-carotene, and many others with specific roles in taking care of the body.

Lycopene extract is actually very expensive, much like the popular resveratrol, but Total Balance Premium was able to include 15 mg in its content. This will make your healthy living much simpler since you only have to think of one supplement to take every day.

The benefits of lycopene also outweigh any adverse effects it may have. Such cases rarely occur as well, like the woman whose skin became very close to a light red and yellowish color. The skin condition was known as lycopenodermia. Even her blood had too much lycopene in it.

However, it did not give her any disabilities. She was simply advised to refrain from taking in lycopene supplements and or eating any foods with lycopene. Weeks later, her skin returned to their normal color. She can still take in lycopene as long as it is now regulated.

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