The Truth about Liquid Nutritional Supplements

Liquid nutritional supplements are getting more popular these days. It is interesting because many people have been forced to believe that liquid dietary supplements are better than regular tablet type supplements.

In fact, I have read a site or two claiming that liquid vitamin supplements are better absorbed by as much as 98% than the pill form. They even insist that when taking supplements in tablet form, 90% of it are not absorbed and simply waster. These statements were very surprising and it's unfortunate how many people have been misled by this fallacy. Obviously, these claims are nothing but marketing tactics to sell liquid nutritional supplements.

Before you go on and believe them, let me give you some information on how diet nutrition supplements get absorbed by the body. There are several ways by which nutrients can enter the body.

First, it can be done via injection. Nutrients can be directly injected into the bloodstream where actual absorption happens.

Secondly, you probably have heard of sublingual doses where you take a pill or liquid through the mucous membranes of the mouth, right under your tongue. This can work for some nutrients, but not those which are too large.

Third, supplements in pill form which are taken orally are actually absorbed through the lining of the walls of the upper intestines.

When it comes to liquid nutritional supplements, which absorption mechanism does it use?

If you think about it, the concept of better bio-absorption is based on the fact that a liquid vitamin and mineral supplement may be better absorbed by the stomach. They are already dissolved in the first place so we can skip the entire dissolution part. However, there has been no evidence of any significant difference. Supplements in pill form are easily dissolved by the acids in the stomach.

Thus, do not be misled by claims insisting that liquid multi vitamin supplements are better by virtue of absorbability.

When it comes to bio-availability, you should note that better absorption comes with the quality of the supplement you are taking. Quality natural supplements are those which are manufactured in a form that is readily absorbed by the body, be it in liquid or pill form.

In choosing a vitamin to supplement your diet, your choice should not depend on the form but on the quality of the supplement. You should concern yourself with choosing a quality supplements which are pure, natural and readily absorbable.

Liquid nutritional supplements may be taken if you have difficulties swallowing pills. Vitamins in liquid form however cost more than those in pill form. In fact, many marketers exaggerate their prices along with their exaggerated claims. If you ask me, the false belief of better absorbability does not justify this added cost.

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