Kiwi Klenz Review – Is It a Complete Digestive Supplement?

Kiwi-Klenz Digestive Supplement

A troublesome digestion can disrupt your life, which is why you might be considering a digestive supplement, like the Kiwi-Klenz. The right supplement can not only reduce gas and bloating, but it can help your body absorb nutrients and improve overall functioning. It can also serve as a toning agent for your immune system and aid your body in removing toxins.

What is Kiwi Klenz?

Made from 100% natural New Zealand kiwi fruit, the Kiwi Klenz brings an innovative, novel approach to cleansing. Kiwi Klenz doesn't just use a kiwi extract to aid your digestion, but rather the whole fruit (the skin, pulp, and the seeds), which makes it that much more potent.

Loaded with super-healthy enzymes and bioactive compounds, this supplement supports the flora of your gut. This aids both with digestion and absorption, as well as keeps your bowel movements regulated. Might sound funny now, but have you tried going about your day with a bloated stomach?

Trust us, it's not much fun.

What is Digesten-K? Is It the Same Thing?

Keep seeing ads for Digesten-K when looking for Kiwi Klenz?

That's because they're the same thing. Digesten-K is just the old name of the product, which Xtend Life was forced to change. Apparently, they wouldn't have been able to use the Digesten-K name in some countries, due to government regulations, and so they came up with Kiwi Klenz.

What they didn't change, however, was the healthy, carefully-crafted formula. And so, if you used to take Digesten-K in the past and have been considering going back to it, you'll get the same yummy benefits, just under a different name.

What's in It?

Kiwi-Klenz Supplement Facts

We must explore just what a supplement contains, to understand how and why it works for our digestive system.

The Kiwi Klenz is based around two ingredients: Kiwifruit Extract and Kiwifruit Powder. We're all familiar with the kiwifruit (known as Actinidia deliciosa in scientific circles), but did you know it is such a potent little berry?

The Kiwifruit Extract, derived from the green, juicy flesh of the kiwi, as well as the fuzzy skin, is a rich source of Actindin, a powerful enzyme that helps your body digest protein. It also boosts digestion speed and regulates stools, making it an excellent addition to any supplement.

Kiwifruit Extract is also a choc-full of soluble fiber, which helps keep your digestion healthy, and phenols that work to prevent harmful bacteria from growing inside your gut.

The Kiwifruit Powder refers to a similar ingredient, fleshed out from the interior, juicy pulp of the kiwifruit, but freeze-dried to preserve all the health effects. One capsule roughly the equivalent of 2.82g of fresh kiwifruit.

As such, it's also a great source of Actindin.

So, How Does This Stuff Work?

Digestive System and Bacteria

Like you, I'm not crazy about the scientific denominations, so I've tried to break it down as best I could.

Advertised as a "digestive powerhouse", Kiwi-Klenz provides your organism with four main components:


We're used to taking pro-biotics after a course of antibiotics, to replenish the healthy gut bacteria that got stripped away, but probiotics aren't a good idea in the long-term, because they allow our stomachs to 'get lazy' and stop producing good bacteria.

Rather than replenish what has been damaged, pre-biotics support your digestive system to create its' own healthy bacteria. It has been scientifically demonstrated that a healthy intake of pre-biotics (specifically the kiwifruit) helped the creation of good bacteria and also kept bad bacteria at bay.

Tip: It only works for as long as you're taking it. It won't prevent harmful bacteria from growing once you've stopped!


In the Kiwi Klenz, your phenolics are mainly coming from the Kiwifruit Extract. Similar to pre-biotics, these compounds help your stomach grow good bacteria. They are well-known for their powerful antioxidant properties, which help keep the gut clean and the digestion flowing.

Phenolics also have a significant effect in aiding the absorption of nutrients into the organism and help regulate the metabolism.


You must've heard about enzymes before and wondered what exactly it is they do. Well, these tiny biological molecules work to speed up. Basically, that happens inside your body. Most of these chemical reactions that need to be sped up occur inside the cells.

Why do they need to be sped up, though?

Well, because otherwise, your body would do these reactions very, very slowly (enzymes speed up a reaction more than a million times over), and this would be detrimental for your growth and development. Think of it as a 'time is money', but for cells.

As with many things, your body makes these enzymes naturally, but for various reasons, is unable to make enough or produce them fast enough.

A good dose of the right enzymes inside our gut can help break down the food faster and digest it. This is because enzymes work to split up larger molecules into smaller ones, which are just easier to process.

Digestive enzymes are comprised of three types: lipase, to break down fats; amylase, to break down carbs; and proteases and peptidases, to break down protein. Together, they allow your body to digest and absorb healthy, often life-saving nutrients.

Soluble fiber

Soluble fiber works much like a sponge inside your gut. It helps retain water and turns into a sort of gel during the digestive process. Soluble fiber can maintain a healthy bowel function because it works to keep stuff in.

That being said, it's crucial to maintain a healthy intake of both soluble and insoluble fiber, since one works to slow down the elimination process and one to speed it up. As you can probably tell, too much of either is not helpful.

It is also believed to be helpful with the energy intake in people with obesity and helps with digestive absorption for people with diabetes.

But Why Can't I Just Eat the Fruit Itself?

This is a common query of people taking supplements. Since Kiwi Klenz is 100% natural anyway, why not just eat kiwi and get the same benefits, right?

Well, according to Xtend Life, one single capsule (which is all you need in a day) of Kiwi Klenz is the equivalent of eating two to four whole kiwi fruits. Each day. And most people simply don't have the patience for that, as it can get quite repetitive after a while.

By relying on the fruit itself, you eventually tire or begin to be sick at the thought of it. And then you stop eating. And later, bad bacteria starts growing inside your gut. You see how this affects everyone involved?

Taking one tiny supplement is time-saving and far less irritating.

Caution: That being said, you shouldn't replace a varied diet with supplements alone, but rather try to combine the two.

Does Kiwi Klenz Have Any Side Effects?

This is the #1 worry people have when it comes to taking supplements. Luckily for us all, Kiwi Klenz doesn't have any side effects. Since it is entirely organic, taking this kiwi supplement is basically like eating kiwi directly, only in a more concentrated form.

However, it is always possible that you might react badly if you suffer from allergies to berries or something like this, so it's always important to check with your doctor before taking supplements.

Kiwi Klenz is also safe for children, though they do recommend taking a smaller dosage: for children up to 5 years old, ½ capsule every other day, and for kids 5-12, 1 full capsule every other day, to be increased if you deem applicable.

Tip: Remember that you (or your child) need to stay hydrated while taking this!

A Word About Xtend Life

They are a family-owned business operating out of Christchurch, New Zealand, that started with one goal in mind – the classic search for eternal youth, or at the very least, a way to slow down the aging process.

Unlike similar companies, Xtend Life is 100% honest about their ingredients (sourced from all over the world) and are always true to label. Their ingredients undergo rigorous testing at their state-of-the-art facility. Not only have they been FDA approved, but also GMP certified, as well.

Tip: FDA refers to the Food and Drug Administration that decides whether or not ingredients are safe for use (in America). GMP refers to Good Manufacturing Practice, which is more about how these ingredients are produced and handled.

Off the top of my head…

Can I Put Kiwi Klenz In Food?

Yes, it's possible to bust open the capsule and sprinkle it over your food. A surprising amount of folks have trouble swallowing pills, so sprinkling it in your diet might be a worthwhile alternative.

Have the Kiwis Been Exposed To Pesticides?

Yes, but these are easily washed off. The pesticides used for the fruits in question are comprised of a type of copper, which does not penetrate the furry surface and can be washed off (by rain, if not, by the workers at the Xtend Life facility). Normally, a 'cool-down' period is allowed between the last pesticide spray and the harvesting of the kiwifruit.

Is There Sugar in Kiwi Klenz?

A tiny amount, yes. One capsule contains around 185 mg of sugar (mostly fructose), which is far less than one whole kiwifruit, which contains roughly 9-10 grams.

Is Kiwi Klenz An Actual, Detoxifying Cleanse?

No, it's not. While Kiwi Klenz can help remove some built-up toxins from your body, it's generally not recommended as a full-on detoxification method. It's not intense enough (you need far more than the ingredients listed above to detoxify your body).

Is Kiwi Klenz Helpful For Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?

Yes, Kiwi Klenz is often taken to treat IBS, as it can help regulate the digestive system and so suppress the main symptoms of IBS (constipation, bloating, gas, etc.).

What If I'm Not Happy with It?

Not happy, not a problem. Xtend Life accepts returns and refunds your money in as long as 365 days (a full year), which is a pretty great return policy, in my opinion. One snag is that you do have to pay for the shipping yourself when sending them back.

They also warn that they will subtract $6.50 when refunding your order, for the cost of the original shipment.

Tip: Xtend Life will only refund one opened bottle per product, so if you have, say, two bottles of Kiwi Klenz and aren't happy, don't open the second one, because they won't give you your money back.

They refund as many unopened products as necessary.

Sounds Good, Where Can I Buy It?

While you can buy it both through Amazon and the original Xtend Life website, which is what I'd recommend. Amazon is s great, but you don't risk getting scammed or being overcharged when purchasing directly from the manufacturer. So whenever available, I advise you to go straight to the source.

Tip: If you're happy with your first order, I recommend checking out their Xtend Life Club. It provides unique promotions, better shipping deals, and 10% off all your future orders!

Quick Overview

After scouring official pages, as well as customer reviews, here's a quick recap of all the good (and bad) of Kiwi Klenz:

The Good:

  • Fully natural;
  • Keeps your bowel movements regular;
  • Soothes and keeps at bay constipation, gas and bloating;
  • Helps with difficult digestion (your stomach won't hurt after meals anymore);
  • Makes your body feel cleansed.

The Bad:

  • Some noted it made their IBS worse (made them more constipated, for example);
  • Quite pricey.

The Bottom Line

We all know how crucial a healthy, regular digestion is – it can take away precious hours with loved ones, or doing things we enjoy. This is why a supplement, like Kiwi Klenz, can be excellent for you if you've been having some issues in that department.

Naturally, we are all different, and as such, Kiwi Klenz might not work as well for some as it does for others. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to a healthy digestive system, I'm afraid. Great though this product may be, there are many other factors at play so that you might be satisfied, or you might not.

Tip: No supplement can achieve its' full potential if your body doesn't get all the nutrients it needs. This can be done through a varied, healthy diet, but also through other supplements. I particularly recommend the Total Balance (for men and women), which provides 98 essential nutrients to your system.

But overall, I heartily recommend at least trying Kiwi Klenz. It has given excellent results for a lot of people (myself included), and it might just do the same for you. If you're looking for something to regulate your digestion, or more specifically, if you're interested in an enzyme/fiber supplement, then I think Kiwi Klenz is definitely for you.

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