Iodine Supplement

Chances are that you take an "iodine supplement" and don't even realize it.

Iodine is a trace mineral that your body uses to

manufacture thyroid hormones, which are in turn vital to maintaining a normal metabolism. it is essential in the healthy maturation of children's brains, and the development and normal functioning of the reproductive system.

Iodine helps regulate your body's use of food and energy, as well as keeping skin, hair, nails and bones healthy by helping the body use calcium and phosphorus.

So what about this iodine supplement that you probably take without knowing about it? Long ago, medical authorities recognized the fact that the human body needs iodine in order to stay healthy and active. Because of iodine's importance to the human body, much of the salt sold in the United States is iodized - or treated with iodine.

Iodine and Thyroid Functioning

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Iodine has a major role to play in the making of thyroxin and triodothyronine, two hormones that help the body grow and develop properly, as well as influencing the maturation of the reproductive system.

The link between iodine and thyroid functioning means that iodine plays a major role in the metabolic processes in your body.

The link between iodine and thyroid functioning means that iodine plays a major role in the metabolic processes in your body. It helps regulate the way that your body burns calories and maintains your energy level. It also helps your body maintain strong nails and bones and healthy hair. There's evidence, in fact, that the benefit of iodine supplements may extend to most of your body's systems.

Deficiency Symptoms of Iodine

According to the World Health Organization, iodine deficiency is the leading cause of mental retardation throughout the world. Other deficiency symptoms of iodine include poorly functioning metabolism, dry, scaly skin, unusual weight gain, constant fatigue, constipation, decreased fertility, frustration, anxiety and depression in varying degrees, goiters and growth abnormalities.

Getting Enough Iodine in Your Diet?

Many doctors and health professionals believe that most people can get enough iodine through their diet. Iodine rich foods include seafood, seaweed and iodized salt. If you don't eat seafood regularly, or restrict your salt intake, you may be better off taking an iodine supplement at the recommended daily allowance for your age and gender. For most people, that amount is 150 mcg daily. If you have autoimmune thyroid disease, goiter or a previous iodine deficiency, you should contact your doctor before taking iodine supplements.

If you are pregnant, it is especially important to be certain that your diet provides enough iodine, as well as zinc, iron and vitamin B12 . The effects of iodine deficiency during pregnancy are associated with cognitive defects, and they are permanent and irreversible. It is also important for you to get extra iodine through iodine supplements if you eat a vegetarian or vegan diet, unless seaweed is a large portion of your diet.

What iodine supplements should you choose?

If you do choose to take an

iodine supplement

most alternative health and nutrition experts recommend taking a whole health supplement that contains a balanced amount of iodine that's just right for your needs. Xtend-Life Natural Products offers an

all natural total health supplement called Total Balance that contains all the nutrients your body needs in one carefully balanced formula.

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