The Inositol Side Effects Phenomena

There are nutrients that are naturally present in your body and you should be aware of inositol side effects. Humans, animals and plants are sources of inositol.

Inositol in your Body

The human body is made up of different cells and tissues, which are necessary for its continuous operation. To maintain this equilibrium, you need to consume certain plants and animal products for their nutritional value.

Deficiency is encountered when not enough vitamins or minerals or acids are maintained by the body. Sometimes, adequate eating may not be enough to deal with this situation. This is corrected by the development of food and health supplements.

Nonetheless, anything in excess spells disaster for your body. You must observe moderate consumption of food and supplements that you take.

What is Inositol?

Inositol is considered unofficially part of the Vitamin-B complex family. Its unofficial status stems from the fact that it is not a vitamin per se.

Inositol plays a vital role in your cell membranes as to its appropriate formation. In order to achieve heightened effectiveness of the various cells inside you, its membranes must be healthy. Inositol is essential to particular phospholipids synthesis, the latter being an integral part of each and every cell membrane in the body.

Dietary Requirements

Unless you are sick, the inositol content organically produced inside you is deemed sufficient. Your daily intake of plant products together with meat and other animal by-products should assure you of an adequate level of this nutrient.

The circumstances may differ in case you are taken ill. The prescription of antibiotics for long term use may correspondingly affect your inositol level. If this happens, then you may be required to increase your intake of the sources of this nutrient. Supplements may even be advised under such circumstances.

Based on studies, it was indicated that coffee drinkers may suffer from inositol deficiency. You are aware that caffeine is the main component of coffee. It is said that it significantly reduces the inositol supply in your body.

Benefits of Inositol

Researches show that numerous benefits can be derived from this nutrient. These include promotion of hair growth to avoid hair loss or baldness and to prevent constipation.

The effectiveness of inositol is exhibited by its ability to control the levels of estrogen and blood cholesterol. It is also responsible in preventing in breast lumps as well as constipation.

Inositol is helpful for people afflicted with some behavioral disorders such as bi-polar, panic, obsessive-compulsive, and depression.

Inositol and Choline

Choline may be found in virtually all tissues of any animal. The combination of inositol with choline is quite important in attaining a healthy mind and body. These nutrients must be present for the proper functioning of your brain. These enhance your memory as well as balance your moods.

Inositol Side Effects

To date, there are no reported toxic side effects of inositol. The only known adverse effect of taking large doses of this nutrient is to suffer from diarrhea. Taking supplemental inositol must only be done if advised by a health professional.

In some cases, inositol has been found out to have interactions with certain drugs.

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