Proper Inositol Dosage in Inositol Supplements

For most people, there is no recommended daily inositol dosage similar to certain vitamins and minerals. This does not mean, though, that the level you have can be reduced or increased unnecessarily. Nor does it mean that you should be complacent with your general health.

Inositol is a nutrient that can be found naturally within the human body. This source, however, is not limited to people but can be found in other living things. Plants and animals also have inositol content, which you absorb whenever you consume such products.

Inositol forms a vital component of the cell membranes, which makes up a cell. It is classified as a vitamin-B complex along with choline, folic acid and biotin. In reality, inositol cannot be considered to be a true vitamin.

Inositol for the Brain

Inositol with the help of choline is essential to provide you with a well-functioning brain. This combination should positively affect your thinking that is unhampered and clear. Furthermore, you should benefit from a sharp memory.

Choline and inositol likewise affect your moods in a good way. The combination is responsible for lifting your spirits and enhancing your outlook.

Inositol, Cholesterol and Other Health Concerns

Inositol helps control your cholesterol level. Studies have found a correlation between deficiencies in this nutrient with high levels of fats in the blood. Thus, a high level of inositol should control your blood cholesterol.

On matters affecting your mental health, inositol has been claimed to be effective in dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, poor memory, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The central nervous system is likely to benefit from inositol as it emits a calming effect. This is good news for the insomniacs out there as a remedy is made available to them.

Researches indicate that it has the capability to lower a person's blood pressure. Therefore, it may prove to be helpful to individuals suffering from hypoglycemia or schizophrenia.

When a single molecule of inositol teams up with six molecules of nicotinic acid or niacin, you have what is called inositol hexanicotinate. This may be referred to using other terms. Hexanicotinate has positive effects on your mental health and your body as well.

Daily Inositol Dosage

Generally, there is no need for majority of the populace to take inositol. As your body is capable of naturally producing inositol, the probability of experiencing a deficiency is quite small. Products from plants and animals similarly supply your body with this nutrient. The combined amounts should not result to a deficit. This situation assumes that you are fit and healthy.

The inositol dosage will differ for those facing serious illnesses such as people with diabetes, high blood pressure, or liver problems. The same applies to those experiencing depression, anxiety or panic attacks. For each and every case, you must observe the recommended daily requirement. This is in order to effectively deal with your condition.

For dietary supplements, it is best that you consult with your doctor first on what his recommendations would be. There are a number of inositol supplements being sold in the market. These are available in powder or capsule forms. Follow the doctor's prescription to avoid any problems.

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