Inositol Benefits Seven Things You Must Know

Before looking at the inositol benefits it is important to look at the inositol facts and what inositol is.

Inositol is found in Vitamin B complex and is used in the body's cell membranes. Inositol helps with the transportation of fats throughout the body and also helps neurons communicate better with the body's nervous system. Choline and inositol function very closely together but in this article we will discuss the benefits of inositol.

7 Amazing Inositol Benefits

Listed below are seven of the main benefits of inositol whether using an inositol supplement or providing the body with inositol through diet.

  1. Inositol is vital for hair growth.
  2. Choline and inositol combine to produce lecithin which helps to prevent high cholesterol.
  3. inositol is said to have a calming effect on the nervous system and is therefore being studied for a possible treatment for nerve related illnesses such as depression, panic attacks and Alzheimer's disease.
  4. Premature babies with respiratory distress symptoms are given inositol and it has been show to reduce death and disability.
  5. Inositol compounds have demonstrated qualities needed in the prevention and treatment of cancer.
  6. An inositol supplement can help to improve nerve conduction velocities in diabetics.
  7. Inositol can be used to treat constipation due to its stimulating effect on the muscular action of the alimentary canal.

As you can see these seven inositol benefits really are amazing but how do you go about getting more inositol into >your daily diet? There are many foods that contain inositol including, dried beans, calves' liver, cantaloupe, citrus fruits (except lemons), garbanzo beans (chickpeas), lecithin granules, lentils, nuts, oats, pork, rice, veal, and whole grain products.

Consuming large amounts of caffeine or taking antibiotics for long periods of time can decrease the body's supply of inositol and an inositol supplement would be recommended in these cases.

Some more inositol facts that you should be aware of are:

  • Inositol deficiency causes hair loss, eczema, high cholesterol, constipation, and eye problems.
  • Inositol is a fundamental ingredient of all cell membranes and is necessary for proper nerve, brain, and muscle function. Therefore our bodies need inositol to function properly.

As you can see inositol really is vital for our body's health and well being and you should really do yourself a favour and start ensuring that your body is getting the necessary inositol it needs.

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