New Metal Helps Beat Signs Of Aging - Take Indium Supplement

New Metal Helps Beat Signs Of Aging - Take Indium Supplement

A metal called Indium has been proven to help beat the signs of aging, and help to relieve arthritis. So just what is this miracle metal?

What Is Indium?

Indium is a soft silver metal that never dissolves in water. Indium cannot be found in food or water, and is not contained in our bodies after the ages of 25 to 30. Indium in the form of indium sulphate as indium supplement, is considered to be safe for human consumption.

What is Indium Used For?

Indium as a supplement has many uses, and can be used to help reduce the signs of aging.

It can also provide greater immunity, which will in turn reduce the length and severity of colds and bruises by enabling faster healing times.

Among other uses of indium are relief from the pain of arthritis, a faster working memory, allowing the body to require less sleep, and providing a sense of well being.

It is also hoped that the indium supplement will also help to lower cancer figures. The main benefits noted from taking indium as a supplement are:

  • It can produce memory improvements in older adults in the second month of use, and increased mental concentration in four months
  • Healing of scratches, burns, and bruises within a week
  • Localised cancer pain has been reduced after the first week
  • Parkinson's patients have improved walking and talking ability in under two weeks.
  • Wasting diarrhoea in people with HIV/AIDS returned to normal after two weeks.
  • Irregular menstrual cycles have become regular after two months.
  • The long term aging process is greatly slowed down.
  • The build up of tartar on teeth is also greatly reduced.
There are many more benefits to taking indium as a supplement and research is continuing daily.

How Does Indium Work?

Indium works from the very first day you take it and starts by affecting the glands. It may, however, take over a week before noticeable results are reached. Indium should be taken for a least a three month period.

The indium supplement comes packaged in a small bottle with a dropper lid. It is recommended to use one drop per dosage and one bottle will provide a three month supply.

Are There Any Side Effects?

It has been noted that there is no benefit from taking indium for those with type 1 diabetes who are 100% insulin dependent. For the treatment and preventions of headaches that may be caused from taking an indium supplement, it is recommended that a source of iodine is introduced into diet.

The Pro's Far Out Weight The Con's

With all this information to hand it is plain to see that the benefits of taking an indium supplement far out weight any of the side effects that have been discovered. Given the chance to help fight cancer or even stay looking younger for longer, the argument for indium is indeed a very strong one.

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