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Vitamin D Could Help to Fight Cancer

Evidence has been found that vitamin D could help slow the growth of cancer. Therefore, it could be effective in fighting it.

Vitamins May Not Be the Answer for Preventing Canker Sores

Research seems to point to the fact the people who take vitamins may not be free from canker sores occurring in their mouths.

Is it Beneficial for You to Take Selenium Supplements?

Selenium supplements can be beneficial if your body has too low a level of selenium. However, high levels of selenium could increase your risk of type-2 diabetes.

Testosterone Supplements Could Provide Heart Failure Patients Certain Benefits

Testosterone supplements may help heart failure patients to breathe better. In addition, they find that they can perform more exercise according to the latest research.

Vitamin D Could Decrease Risk of Fracture

Vitamin D has been found to help strength bones in girls, especially those involved in high stress activities for one or more hours a day.

Parkinsons Patient May Benefit from Vitamin K2

Recently, a neuroscientist in Belgium successfully stopped one of the many genetic defects, which could bring on Parkinson's disease, by using just vitamin K2.

Could Pregnant Women Lessen Risk of Diabetes with Vitamin B12?

Warwick Medical Scholl has just been awarded a sum of £800,000 by the MRC (Medical Research Council) and is ready to embark on some new research on how vitamin B12 has on women, who are pregnant.

Vitamins C and E Prove No Help with Macular Degeneration

It has been realized through clinical trials that taking vitamins C and E do not prevent macular degeneration from happening in aging eyes. This is the main cause for loss of vision in older adults.

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