Glucosamine Sulfate Side Effects and Dangers

There are several Glucosamine Sulfate side effects to keep in mind before you take Glucosamine.

It is important to understand that Glucosamine is a naturally occurring substance. And as such, manufacturers extract the supplement from things such as shellfish and other animal products. This can cause certain Glucosamine Side Effects.

Shell Fish Allergy

You should definitely stay away from Glucosamine if you have an allergy to shellfish. This is one of the big Glucosamine sulfate side effects. Since the substance is often extracted from the shells, this could really affect those who are allergic because the allergens may be present in the shells.


There is actually conflicting information about diabetes and whether or not it is one of the side effects of Glucosamine sulfate . Some sources indicate that it has a negative affect on diabetes and others say that it does not have a negative affect. Consult with your holistic doctor or physician before taking Glucosamine.

Drug Interactions

Are there any side effects of Glucosamine in reference to drug interactions? There could be, depending on how the controversy between using it for diabetes pans out. If it does contribute to diabetes, it could affect how your body reacts to insulin. There could potentially be other drug interactions with Glucosamine so you should ask a qualified holistic practitioner.

Quality Control

There is also a potential quality control issue in the United States because it is not approved by the FDA. That is why it is important to use a product by a company that has a great reputation and is very careful when it comes to quality control. If you trust the company, chances are they are doing a great job and you needn't worry.

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