Fish Oil Reviews - How to Properly Do a Fish Oil Review and Choose the Best

Before you purchase fish oil, you will do yourself a big favor if you conduct your very own fish oil review. Fish oil supplements are all over in the market. The process of choosing the right natural fish oil will take some time, research and energy. But at the end of the day, you will thank yourself for doing so and get rewarded with numerous health benefits.

Fish oil supplements are not created equal. A few reputable manufacturers produce the purest high quality ones, while some notoriously make them through the cheapest non-standard means possible.

Sadly, some fish oils contain harmful levels of mercury, PBAs and other harmful toxins. I have heard of countless stories of unfortunate people whose health deteriorated than improved because of taking the wrong brand.

Therefore, when choosing your fish oil brand, you have to be vigilant in your decision. How do you go about doing your own fish oil review before buying?

The main point to consider with fish oils is the purity. This means that your fish oil should contain pure omega 3 fatty acids, without additives, most especially harmful toxins. For your safety, a pharmaceutical grade fish oil will be best.

Truthfully though, there is no such thing as pharmaceutical grade fish oil since USP does not have set standards for omega 3. However, industry standards such as the IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards) do exist. If the fish oil brand complies with the regulations set by IFOS, you can be assured of safety.

However, independent reputable fish oil manufacturers have their own standards which may be stricter than established industry standards. There are only a few of them who has this much integrity, but I have found one which I will introduce to you later on.

When you do your fish oil review, it is best if you take a look at the Certificate of Analysis of each supplement in review. This way, you will see if the fish oil supplement actually contains what it says in the label. The CoA should also reveal the exact amounts of mercury and other trace minerals.

It is just as important to check the purification method done by fish oil manufacturers. By far, the safest and most effective method for purifying and removing toxins in fish oils is molecular distillation. It is quite expensive to perform this purification, so you can expect only a few fish oil manu facturers actually can give quality fish oil supplements.

Some fish oil manufacturers pride of their enteric coated fish oil. While I see nothing wrong with enteric coating, there is no evidence suggesting that enteric coating will help in better absorbability of fish oils. Some companies use them mainly for masking rancidity.

On the other hand, reputable fish oil companies use water-based aqueous coating which is more expensive and a lot safer. While enteric coating may be good for other supplements, the same does not apply to fish oils.

I have done my own fish oil review and what I saw to be worth my while is the fish oil supplements by Xtend Life. You might as well check it out and thank me later.

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