What You Need to Know about Your Fish Oil Dietary Supplement

Now, let us examine closely the contents of a fish oil dietary supplement. Before you buy fish oil supplements, try to check out the bottle label. It should mention the amount of omega 3 contained in each tablet.

Common sense will probably dictate that the more omega 3 content, the better value you will get out of your money. This is true, but in the case of fish oils, there is one other aspect to concern yourself about: purity.

Assuming purity levels are the same for two brands, a supplement containing 500 mg omega 3 will give you better value than one which contains only 400 mg. However, not all fish oil vitamin supplements are created equal.

The purification process of fish oils can be tough. Some companies have more efficient measures than others. Thus, if you are buying an unreliable brand, 500 mg of omega 3 may include unwanted contaminants. You are lucky if these contaminants will not be toxins such as mercury or PBA.

Thus, if you want to fully enjoy the benefits of fish oil supplements, you have to look beyond omega 3 content.

You probably know that there are two kinds of fatty acids contained in fish oil, namely EPA and DHA. Your fish oil supplement label will also tell you just how much of each omega 3 fatty acid is contained. Now, this is where it gets a little confusing.

Many fish oil companies stress the importance of EPA more than DHA. Unfortunately, this claim is not actually backed by science but by what we can term as commercial expediency.

You see, EPA is actually easier to concentrate than DHA. When it comes to chemical structure, DHA contains 22 carbon chains while EPA only contains 20. It is proven that DHA can be easily converted to EPA in the body when they are needed. It simply drops 2 of its carbon chains. However, the body can not convert DHA to EPA that easily.

Thus, what your body actually needs more of is DHA. If it needs EPA, it can easily synthesize it from DHA. What I am trying to say is that more concentrated fish oil should contain more DHA than EPA.

If you do your own comparison, you will notice that supplements with high EPA content will have much higher dosage rates than those with high DHA. You actually have to take in more fish oil pills to get more DHA. This goes without saying that when choosing a fish oil dietary supplement, what you should consider is its DHA content.

There is one fish oil supplement that contains more DHA than most other supplements in the market today. I highly recommend them because their purification method is most probably the most extensive. They use an efficient but mild molecular distillation process which assures purity and safety.

This fish oil dietary supplement I recommend is called Omega 3 / DHA Esters by Xtend Life. The next time you get yourself a fish oil dietary supplement, you should know better.

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