Fish Oil Benefits

Fish Oil Benefits Your Body

For generations, mothers dosed their children with cod liver oil to help them stay healthy.

Now it seems that mother's always known best. Over the past ten years, research has proven a long list of fish oil benefits that range from helping alleviate depression to preventing diabetes.

The key to the health benefits of fish oil supplements is omega 3 fatty acid - an essential fatty acid that is used by your body as one of the basic building blocks of all cells. Because omega 3 forms the basis for healthy cells in your body, fish oil health benefits affect every system of your body.

Fish Oil Health Benefits

Because omega 3 is essential to building healthy neural pathways, fish oil benefits are especially felt in neurological and psychological conditions. If the body doesn't have enough omega 3, it will build the pathways that transmit messages from the brain to the rest of the body from another fatty acid - omega 6. Researchers have found that neural cells built from omega 6 differ substantially from those made with omega 3. As a consequence, your brain may "get its signals crossed", which leads to depression, bipolar disorder and numerous other psychological disorders.

Other fish oil benefits include prevention of diabetes and damages caused by diabetes. Fish oil supplements can help prevent vision loss due to macular degeneration in older adults and a raft of other conditions.

In fact, in the past ten years, various researchers have discovered links between fish oil or omega 3 and diabetes, heart disease, depression, bipolar disorder, psoriasis, stroke, obesity, eating disorders, ADHD, schizophrenia, osteoporosis, inflammatory bowel disease, macular degeneration, colon cancer, breast cancer, asthma and prostate cancer.

Are Fish Oil Supplements Safe?

One of the reasons that nutrition experts recommend fish oil supplements over getting your omega 3 from fresh fish is the high levels of mercury and other dangerous chemicals that are found in fish. Unfortunately, those same toxic levels of contaminants CAN be found in some fish oils and fish oil supplements.

In order to derive real health benefits of fish oil, it's important to choose a fish oil supplement that's made with a pharmaceutical grade fish oil from fish that are not contaminated with mercury, lead or other heavy metals. In addition, fish oil may be contaminated after harvesting if it is shipped and otherwise handled between fish and bottle. The fewer hands involved in the processing, the less chance there is of contamination.

Why Choose a Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil Supplement?

Research has determined that the main health benefits of fish oil supplements are derived from docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaeonic acid (EPA).Before your body can actually make use of the fish oil benefits, it needs to break down the fish oil into its component esters in order to extract the DHA and EPA from them.

Many of the fish oil supplements on the market contain very low levels of DHA, making them far less effective than a fish oil supplement that has naturally high levels of DHA.

How to Choose a Fish Oil Supplement for Health Benefits

The health benefits of omega 3 are indisputable, but not all the omega 3 in fish oil is readily available for your body to use. Pharmaceutical grade fish oil is free of any contaminants, and has been refined to provide a high source of omega 3 antioxidants for your body.

Of all the fish oil supplements and products that we've used, we're most impressed with

Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil Esters

from Xtend-Life Natural Products.

It's an all natural fish oil supplement is harvested from a native New Zealand fish that is not exposed to harmful PCBs and mercury. Xtend-Life extracts the DHA and EPA with a process that makes every bit of the omega 3 contained in the fish oil bioavailable, giving you a full complement of

fish oil benefits every day. And finally, because it's harvested, packaged and processed entirely on site, Xtend-Life has virtually eliminated the chance for contamination during processing.

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Problems with many fish oil supplements are:
  • low in DHA
  • not concentrated
  • not molecularly distilled
  • use a mixture of all types of fish oil
Omega 3 / DHA Esters overcomes all these problems...