Eat to Live: How to Convert Yourself into a Vegan in Six Weeks

When you go for Eat to Live, you can forget about the "lose 10 pounds in 10 days" diet or the Cabbage Soup diet or the Sacred Heart Diet. These supposed healthy eating facts don't really work in the long haul. By the time you're in your third day, you will feel so starved and grumpy you will no longer mind getting fat. The most important thing is you have satisfied your hunger.

Everybody knows that having too much of something is not a good thing. The same principle applies to food. Consume a lot of burgers, fries, and meals cooked in hydrogenated oils; and it won't be long before these unhealthy eating habits make you sick all the time.

Nevertheless, the fad diets don't work either. They even cause a yo-yo diet, where you gain and lose some. This can wreak havoc into your system, especially to your hormones.

The best step is to live healthy first; then weight loss will follow. A revolutionary program to start with is called Eat to Live.

What Eat to Live Diet is All About

The program's name basically says it all. People should stop being so obsessed with weight and start to live healthily. It's when you're healthy that you're on your right weight, you have much control of the food you eat, and you live a longer life.

Eat to Live was developed by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. He used to be an athlete but is now trained as a nutritionist. Sounds like not a very comprehensive credential like the others, right? Well, not really. His diet is backed by doctors and other health experts, including Oprah's favorite Dr. Mehmet Oz, as well as by celebrities such as Alanis Morisette. Hundreds have also given their positive reviews on the diet, which helped them get rid of as much as 40 pounds in few months.

What's the point of the diet? Its main goal is to help you eat foods with more nutrients but fewer calories. Since fruits and vegetables meet the criteria, virtually all menus and recipes are filled with them. Not only will these foods curb your appetite, but they can also assist in reversing diseases in the long run.

The program lasts for six weeks. By then, you can already consume a lot of fruits and vegetables and zero to very minimal processed foods, meat, bad oils, and breads, to name a few.

The Good News about the Program

Eat to Live is getting a lot of raves for the following reasons:

You become more conscious of what you're eating. Part of the reason why you're gaining weight is you really don't mind what you eat, as long as your hunger is being met. By going through Eat to Live, you become more aware of what foods can give you nutrients and which ones are just a waste of time.

Unlike other diets that limit the menus you can eat on breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you have more options with Eat to Live.

It encourages longevity for a lot of reasons. Many have testified how the diet helped manage or even eliminate diseases such as high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, unwanted weight, heart disease, and even cancer. You will have more energy to do a lot of things, especially exercising. You can boost micronutrients, which can delay the signs of aging.

Though it's mainly for those who want to go for a vegan diet, there are also recipes that are excellent for non-vegetarians.

You will learn how to stay away from toxic foods, such as too much meat, wheat, and processed foods.

It is one of the recommended diets for people who are morbidly obese or grossly overweight. Mehmet Oz suggested Dr. Fuhrman to a patient who had been very much overweight. One has to be eating healthy to lose weight if he or she needs to go through a surgery.

The approaches and diet plans are not just based on experience but also based on scientific researches; they are not quack pieces of information. Almost every page is filled with references or footnotes.

Negative Reviews: The Downsides to Watch For

Not everyone can strictly follow the diet. Six weeks of eating mostly green leafy vegetables and fruits don't really appeal to match to some, especially for those who are used to eating a lot of meat. If you're not a vegan, you can opt for eating for health.

There's the concern about proteins and carbohydrates. These two are very essential to individuals who are very active.

Every meal requires a good amount of preparation. If you're a busy individual, you may find it hard to cope.

It will take a lot of commitment for this diet to work on you. Nevertheless, all it asks is six weeks. As long as you can stick with it during that period of time, it's much easier for you to stick to the plan for the rest of your life. To fully enjoy the diet, visit Eat To Live

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