Seeking a Diabetes Type 1 Cure

Unfortunately, despite extensive research there is no known diabetes type 1 cure. However, there are many ways to help control diabetes. There are also ways to reduce the symptoms of diabetes.

In addition, there are also supplements available that can reduce the effects of diabetes on the internal organs. Instead of focusing on type 1diabetes cure, it is better to consider the use of alternative methods to manage your diabetes. These should be used in conjunction with your doctor's prescribed methods. Be sure to discuss these alternatives with him as well.

Type 1 Diabetes Treatment

When you have type 1 diabetes, it means your body is not producing insulin. Earlier, this was commonly referred to at one time as juvenile diabetes because it was most prevalent in children. However, it has become a health concern for some adults as well. This is one of the most serious types of diabetes because if someone does not get their insulin, they can easily go into a diabetic coma and die.

Type 1 diabetes treatment entails the use of insulin. The insulin is either injected or taken orally. However, most people need the insulin injections to keep their blood sugar levels steady.

Insulin PumpsThere are also insulin pumps that are fairly new. These pumps are the size of a small pager. The insulin is put into the body through a catheter in the stomach. It can deliver several doses a day, depending upon your insulin needs.

Diet and exercise will also play a large role in the diabetes type 1 cure and treatment. If a person who suffers from type 1 diabetes is overweight, diet and exercise are of the utmost importance.

Diabetes herbal supplements can also be included in a diabetes 1 treatment program. While a supplement may not be for everyone, those who use supplements such as Diabet-Eze report significant improves. Not only do they report they are losing weight, but their blood sugar levels are remaining more stable. Many scientists are also reporting that regeneration of insulin producing cells found in the pancreas is possible with the ingredients found in Diabet-Eze.

Great Strides in Research on Diabetic Cures

Each year, millions of dollars are poured into research on diabetic cures. Great strides have been made in just the last ten years when it comes to treatment and management of diabetes. There is much more needed before a type 1 diabetes cure is available. Until then, maintaining a strict program of insulin administration, diabetic medications, and herbal supplements is the best treatment option available.

How Do I Take A Diabetic Herbal Supplement?

There are some supplements available today that are very difficult to digest. These do not provide the needed absorption of the supplement ingredients. Diabet-Eze is a little different. It has an enteric coating. This coating allows the supplement to pass through the stomach before the coating is dissolved. All of the ingredients in the supplement are then easily absorbed into the blood stream through the intestinal lining.

Diabetic herbal supplements should be taken at least three hours after you take your diabetes prescription medication. This allows for the medications to work properly.

Diabet-Eze is taken with a full glass of water. You should also take the omega 3/DHA twice a day for added help in regulating your blood sugar levels. Consider taking Diabet-Eze for a couple of months at least. You'll probably be surprised how you feel and what your blood work will show. What do you have to lose? Finding a diabetes type 1 cure will also help to limit the amount of damage to the internal organs.

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