Managing Diabetes Really Is All About Getting the Right Numbers

It is sometimes hard to grasp that the definition of diabetes is just a number, specifically, it's a blood sugar number. If your blood glucose levels or HbA1C levels are too high, then you have diabetes. If they are normal without insulin, changes in diet, diabetes medication, or a regimen of natural supplements, then you don't.

While managing diabetes is all about numbers, managing your health is not. Here are key facts to keep you on tract for keeping blood sugar readings normal and staying healthy.

  • Slightly low and slightly high diabetes numbers cause long-term complications that can be prevented with a variety of whole health methods. Very low and very high diabetes numbers can cause life-threatening emergencies that require immediate medical attention. The thing to remember about diabetes is that if you are going to get off your diet, get off your diet in a small way, not a big way. It's easier to correct small errors in maintaining your blood sugar levels than big errors.
  • Diabetic diet needs to be adjusted for exercise. If you exercise, then you probably need small amounts of additional carbohydrate to keep your blood sugar levels from going too low. But exercise first, and eat the carbohydrate later. Any exercise that challenges your muscles, such as lifting a heavy weight, greatly increases their sensitivity to insulin and their need for carbohydrate (to make the glycogen that bulks out a growing muscle), for about two hours after a workout. That's the time to amend your diabetic diet, about 100 to 200 calories for each workout.
  • Gestational diabetes can be devastating to the baby. Blood sugars often fall back normal when the baby is born, but normal development of the child depends on controlling blood sugar levels during pregnancy.
  • "Juvenile" diabetes, the kind of diabetes requiring insulin, is not necessarily something acquired during childhood, adolescence, or young adulthood. LADA, or latent autoimmune diabetes of adulthood, can present similar symptoms and require insulin treatment at almost any stage of adult life.

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Diabetes Natural Treatment - Because diabetes has such far-reaching consequences it is imperative that you make every attempt to bring it under control as soon as you have been diagnosed with this condition. Containing several herbs, minerals and enzymes, Diabet-Eze is a diabetes natural treatment supplement that is proving to be very effective at reducing blood sugar and improving overall health.

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Written By Robert S. Rister
Robert Rister is the author of Healing without Medication and many other books that have been translated into eight languages. He is a chemist, a formulator of natural products, and a writer of consumer guides to getting the greatest value from natural health care.

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