Lower Your Cholesterol by Eating Cholesterol Reducing Foods

When it comes to lowering cholesterol, it is possible to do so without taking prescription drugs, such as statin drugs. In fact, doing things such as eating cholesterol reducing foods and adopting a diet for lowering cholesterol will go a long way in helping to lower cholesterol. In addition, approaching it from a multi-layered perspective will also reap the best results possible. This includes knowing what foods lower cholesterol and eating a good diet.

Making Lifestyle Changes

In addition to eating cholesterol reducing foods and following a diet to lower cholesterol, making other diet and lifestyle changes can be helpful. It is important to exercise at least a few times a week. This will help encourage heart health. It is also a good idea to drink enough water and manage stress.

The Problem with Conventional Medicine

Conventional medicine does not do much to address the needs that people who need to lower their cholesterol have. They simply prescribe medicine and tell you to lose weight. The problem with taking medicine, such as those that come from the statin group of drugs, is that they don't necessarily work with all the issues. However, a professional such as a naturopath is an essential ally because he or she can help you approach cholesterol from a more holistic perspective.

Types of Cholesterol

There are two types of cholesterol- HDL and LDL. The LDL levels are the ones to be concerned about. Most call those the "bad cholesterol." Adopting a program that will lower the LDL by eating cholesterol reducing foods and making diet and lifestyle changes is a good start.

Cholesterol Reducing Diet

Adopting a cholesterol reducing diet is really one of the best things you can do. When you concentrate on cholesterol lowering foods Here is a list of foods to eat to lower cholesterol:

  • Foods that are low in cholesterol such as fruits and vegetables.
  • Fat free dairy products.
  • Low fat foods.
  • For meat, stick with lean cuts and also chicken and poultry.
  • Plenty of dietary fiber from healthy grains.

These cholesterol fighting foods and dietary guidelines are an essential part of lowering cholesterol. In addition, foods such as oatmeal and even artichokes have been reported by some to be helpful foods that reduce cholesterol.

Cholesterol is Not Necessarily the Enemy

With all the talk about lowering cholesterol and concentrating on achieving lower cholesterol through diet, it gives off the impression that cholesterol is a bad thing. That is not entirely true. Cholesterol is a vital substance and plays an important roll with certain processes in the body. But when there is too much of it, or too much of the bad cholesterol, that really affects things.

In addition to concentrating on a list of food that lower cholesterol , it is also important to pay attention to bad cholesterol foods. This means that anything that anything that has a lot of cholesterol, such as eggs or ham, should be avoided.

It is also important to note that triglycerides are also a concern. Elevated levels are an indicator of a body that isn't quite healthy. If higher levels are present, starting on a program that includes a list of low cholesterol foods and diet and lifestyle changes is a good first step. It is good to get the situation under control before it gets bad.

Using Supplements to Help Lower Cholesterol

In addition to paying attention to healthier foods, lower cholesterol can be achieved with a little extra help. Yes, it is important to pay attention to the list of low cholesterol foods. But, sometimes it is beneficial to take a healthy supplement that can achieve positive results.

I have found that the best approach to supplementation is to take one product that performs a variety of duties. Xtend Life has a great product called Lipi-Rite (formerly Cholest-Natural) that may help get rid of cholesterol, prevent cholesterol absorption, and in general reduce heart disease risk.

However, when it comes to supplements, there are so many different options out there you may be confused as to which are actually beneficial and which make false claims. Lipi-Rite (formerly Cholest-Natural) uses natural ingredients such as policasonal, phytosterols, Oryzanol, Theaflavins. This natural cholesterol formula also includes helpful ingredients such as natural pumpkin oil and vitamin E. The ingredients all work together to help. And, the claim the product makes is supported by several clinical studies.

Review with your naturopath or other doctor who supports a natural and holistic perspective the different supplement and treatment options. It is also important to do your own research. To help you in your quest for information, I recommend you to view the following two newsletters:

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The key to lowering your cholesterol lies in eating the right foods, avoiding foods that are bad for you, making lifestyle changes such as reducing stress, and supplementing this with healthy products that can aid your body's efforts.

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