Cholesterol Drugs - Zocor Side Effects

Zocor is a drug that is part of a group of drugs called Statins and is prescribed to help lower cholesterol. Most of these statins have negative side effects. When it comes to cholesterol drugs, Zocor side effects not only exist, but they can be quite severe. Here is some more information on the Zocor Medication side effects that are out there.

What is Zocor?

In order to understand cholesterol drugs, Zocor side effects included, an understanding of what the drug actually is needs to be reached. As mentioned, Zocor is part of the group of drugs known as Statins. These are used to help lower cholesterol. They work by blocking the enzyme in the liver that is responsible for the manufacturing of LDL, which is typically considered "bad" cholesterol.

General Side Effects of the Drug Zocor

There are a lot of complications and side effects of Zocor. Some are unique to Zocor and the rest of the statin based medications. Others are general and can occur to anyone who takes any kind of prescription drug. These side effects include nausea, dizziness, and vomiting. And, since the drug itself turns off a vital function of the liver, it is important to understand that it is this very thing that could cause some of the side effects, such as Zocor liver side effects.

Cholesterol Drugs - Zocor Side Effects

As is the case with most cholesterol drugs, Zocor side effects are frequent and common. There are several things that can go wrong such as Zocor side effects manic depression and liver damage. Side effects if Zocor could be mild, severe, or non existent. Here is a summary of some of them:

  • Headaches
  • Coughs
  • Skin Problems
  • Liver Problems
  • Depression

It is important to note that if you have Zocor side effects, headache cranial pain is a possibility. So are the cough effects side Zocor symptoms.

Zocor Side Effects - What to Do

Please note that if you are experiencing any of the cholesterol drugs zocor side effects such as Zocor sexual side effects, you should see a doctor. Chances are, they will want you to discontinue use. Keep in mind that if you stay on this drug even while experiencing side effects, you could endanger your health.

Alternatives to Zocor

Since the side effects of Zocor are so common and can be dangerous, a lot of people who are experiencing them choose to go off of them entirely. Either that, or the side effects are so severe that they have no choice. Following a healthy diet, exercising, and taking beneficial vitamins and supplements is a good alternative.

The problem with Zocor is that it doesn't help the body from a holistic perspective. This means that in order to effectively treat high cholesterol over the long term, you need to approach it from every level. Understanding that what you eat, how you exercise, and the supplements you take can affect your cholesterol is a great first step.

Recommended Products

The best product we have found to help with cholesterol problems is Lipi-Rite by Xtend life (formerly Cholest-Natural). This is a supplement that was created with the holistic perspective in mind. If you take this instead of drugs such as Zocor, your health will be better in the long run.

Lipi-Rite (formerly Cholest-Natural)is designed to help lower LDL, raise HDL, and lower triglycerides in the blood. Your typical statin drug such as Zocor is only designed to lower LDL. So as you can see, the supplement is a better choice.

Here is what's in it:

  • Vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin E
  • Healthy fats such as Pumpkin Seed Oil
  • Other substances such as Inositol

When it comes to lowering cholesterol, Zocor is a poor choice. Not only does it have a lot of dangerous side effects, it also doesn't encourage the body to heal from a holistic perspective.

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