Vitex Benefits - Acquaint Yourself to the Various Chasteberry Benefits

Despite the reported side effects, there are still many chasteberry benefits, especially for women. That's why you may want to talk it over to your physician or herbalist if you want to pursue it.

Vitex Herb: What It Is


t's been called by so many names, including vitex agnus castus. Nevertheless, it's still called chasteberry because it belongs to such family. The plant is actually a shrub that grows never beyond 5 meters. They are abundant in places where there is a plant of sunlight and soil that's well drained. A very good place to find them is in the Mediterranean region.

It's possible to cultivate your own shrub, but you must ensure that is enough sunlight in your area. Otherwise, it will not be able to bear some fruit. You will also not see the flowers that can bloom all the way to the first signs of fall. The colors may range from white to blue.

Vitex Benefits

Chasteberry benefits started several years ago - in fact, thousands of years. One of the first mentions of it was during 450 BC in one of the works of Hippocrates, regarded as the father of medicine.

It's also utilized by men and women of Greece and Rome around 2,500 years ago. Moreover, the leaves are chewed on by monks since the compounds can actually reduce sexual drive. They are also added to food to add some hotness to the taste. Hence, the plant also earned the nickname "monk's pepper."

Obviously, men don't frequently use it unless they want to reduce their sexual drive. It's mainly use then by the women. Somehow, it's been known through the years there's a link between chasteberry and fertility and chasteberry and pregnancy.

The chaste tree extract contains compounds that can stimulate the pituitary gland and hypothalamus of the brain, thereby increasing the production of luteinizing hormone or LH and decrease FSH or follicle stimulating hormone. It then promotes ovulation, which is not common to infertile women.

It also helps balance the production of estrogen and progesterone, two hormones secreted by the female. There are also plenty of studies these days that suggest chasteberry may help combat the fight against breast cancer. Cancer cells in the breast tend to spread quickly and develop rapidly if there is an overproduction of estrogen.

The extract is also ideal for those who have premenstrual syndrome. It relieves the person from intense abdominal pain, headache, stomach cramps, bloated feeling, nausea, and other symptoms associated with it.

Some breast-feeding women have issues when it comes to milk production. Should you need a boost, you can make use of the chasteberry extract.

Getting the Chasteberry Benefits in Supplement

To maximize the benefits and reduce the chances of having side effects, it's best to get the extract through a supplement. Total Balance Women's Premium has 50 mg of the extract, which is sufficient to your body's needs. It's further enriched to contain vitamins and minerals needed by women who are in their thirties and above.

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