What Should You Look Out for When You Buy Fish Oil?

Fish oil can offer you wonderful proven health benefits that no other supplement can. This is the reason why omega3 fish oils have grown more and more popular. However, to get maximum health benefits you should only choose the best when you buy fish oil.

What do I mean when I say "the best fish oil supplements?"

You see, fish oil products obviously come from fish sources. If the fish is sourced from contaminated waters, it will most likely have ingested mercury, PBAs and other harmful toxins. The fish oils extracted from these fish would contain them, too.

However, reputable fish oil companies have tough purification process which can effectively remove possible toxins. The method done is usually through molecular distillation.

Molecularly distilled fish oils are among the purest and safest mercury free fish oil products in the market today. Thus, when you buy fish oil, go only for a brand that was produced by molecular distillation.

Now, pharmaceutical grade supplements are considered as the safest supplements today. However, with fish oils, there is not officially a pharmaceutical grade standard. However, there are standards imposed by private commercial organizations such as IFOS and CRN.

Even so, manufacturers also have their own way of assessing the safety of their fish oil. Standards of reputable ones are even more stringent than IFOS and CRN. You can take a look at their Certificate of Analysis for you to see whether their fish oil tablets actually contain what they should. You should also check whether their heavy metal levels are fit for human consumption.

Fish Oils: DPA vs. EPA

Now, when it comes to omega 3 content, what you should look out for is the DHA component. Many marketers will insist on EPA content mainly because their product contains more EPA than DHA. If you do your own research though, you will see that DHA is harder to commercially purify than EPA.

22-chain carbon DHA easily gets converted to 20-chain carbon EPA in the body by dropping off 2 carbon chains. On the other hand, conversion from EPA to DHA is much more difficult. In short, what you need to get more of in your omega 3 supplement is DHA.

Getting Your Money's Worth

I am sure you would like to see whether the brand you choose will actually get you more value for your money. I'm sure you would want a fish oil brand that is safe, pure and practical.

Some brands surely will come cheap. Some brands are expensive. However, when you buy fish oil, the cost should not be your number one priority. What you should look at is the content relative to the cost. Some brands come cheap but contains little active ingredient that will bring you health benefits.

More specifically, you should compare find out which is least expensive but contains more DHA. This way, you can get the most value out of your money when you buy fish oil.

I would highly recommend Xtend Life's Omega 3/DHA Ester fish oil supplement. It is a brand that is not only guaranteed to be pure, but is least expensive in terms of cost per gram of DHA. Unlike other brands, DHA is its key ingredient so you will probably not go wrong with this brand.

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