Fight Infection - Boost Immune System Function

In order for our bodies to fight off infections and diseases, it is vital that we boost immune system function. Our immune system is our body's "defence department".

Why should I strengthen Immune System Function?

Our immune system is our most important mechanism for fighting disease and infection.

In order to keep our bodies free from such things, it is vital that we continuously boost immune system functioning. Drugs alone will not do this. Antibiotics and other such drugs actually depress the immune system when used long-term. The easiest way to boost immune system functioning is through natural methods, such as nutritional foods and herbal medicines.

How do I Improve Immune System Function?

Natural Supplements

To improve immune system function, you must address the needs of the whole body.

A strong immune system is vital for a healthy body. The immune system plays an active role in maintaining the whole body, including: skin, intestines, blood, lymph, and many other organs. Changing dietary habits and becoming aware of how the body functions will greatly help to improve our immune system.

What Causes Poor Immune System Function?

There are many factors that will impair immune system function such as bad diet, negative emotions and attitudes, toxic materials and chemicals, lack of sleep, excessive stress and over exercising.

The Two Types Of Immune Dysfunction

Impaired immunity can appear in two different ways.

  • Immunodeficiency - This is where the immune system is no longer able to recognize infections or diseases and therefore does not try to fight them. This is caused when the immune system is lacking or deficient in nutrients. Known diseases are cancer, AIDS/HIV and pneumonia.

  • Autoimmunity - This is when the immune systems fails to recognize its own body as being friendly, and begins attacking it. This is known as excessive or self destruction. Known diseases are anaemia, Addison's Disease, Diabetes, Eczema, and multiple sclerosis.

Helpful and Immune Boosting Supplements

Vitamin C has long been known for its healing properties, especially when it comes to the common cold. Another helpful immune system supplement is Echinacea, which in Germany (and elsewhere) is also being prescribed to help fight colds and flu.

Nutrition is linked with an immune system response. Food that contain good natural sources that will boost immune system performance include kiwi fruits, Chinese cabbage, and avocado. Foods that are rich in vitamin B6 or indeed vitamin B6 supplements boost the production of antibodies to fight infection. Zinc and garlic are also of considerable benefit to the immune system. Zinc can be supplemented through your diet or by using capsules.

Sources of zinc that will boost immune system functioning include: eggs, turkey, pumpkin seeds, and crabmeat.

Stamp Out Infection with Great Immune System Function

With the above information in mind, it is now clear how you can boost immune system performance and thus ensure that your body remains infection free and healthy. Eat healthy, listen to your body and your body will care for you.

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