Discover the Potency of Blue Cohosh Extract in Gynecology

If you constantly suffer from premenstrual pain or you feel like you are nearing death every time you deliver a baby, then it is time to take a look at the blue cohosh extract. Who knows, this could just be what you need.

Native American Women Knew It

The blue cohosh herb is sometimes called squaw root or papoose root. It belongs to the family of Berberidaceae. It is normally found in some parts of the United States, though history will tell you that even the Chinese used the herb to treat diseases.

It is very easy for you to spot the plant. It can grow to medium height and can also bear flowers. The leaves are colored blue green, while its fruit resembles that of the blueberry, hence its name.

The first discoverers of the blue cohosh extract would be the Native American women. Back then, there were no gynecologists or medications that could relieve them from pre-menstrual cramps or labor. That is why they would normally rely on the fruit and its extracts. The Chippewa, on the other hand, would create a decoction out of the blue cohosh and use it as contraception.

Fortunately, the women of today can still enjoy the powerful effects of the blue cohosh extract. In fact, more studies have shown that it could be used to cure sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia or gynecological conditions like endometriosis or cervical dysplasia.

Most of all, you can find a tincture of blue cohosh to induce labor. Actually, you need a combination of black and blue cohosh. Together, they can help women who are having a hard time delivering a baby, especially if the contractions have become very weak or irregular.

It will also lessen the amount of pain a woman feels during childbirth. Together with black cohosh, blue cohosh can soften the lining of the cervix and relax the muscles. It will then encourage a much stronger and coordinated contractions. Before you know it, you already have delivered your baby with greater ease.

It is also preferred by a number of women because it is the most natural way of getting induced. They know that as long as they are already over 40 weeks of gestation and are ready to give birth, they can use the tincture without worrying about any side effect.

Blue Cohosh Side Effects

The reported side effects of the blue cohosh extract have been described to be very mild or highly tolerable. It does not even pose any threat to the baby. However, you may still want to be alert as it can cause allergic reactions. You may also suffer from liver damage.

Buy Blue Cohosh

In the end, any woman who wants to take care of herself more effectively may want to take blue cohosh supplements. Female Rejuvenator has 110 mg black cohosh, which works very similarly like blue cohosh. The dosage is sufficient to not create any harmful effects on your body, and the supplement is a product of extensive medical research.

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