Black Cohosh Extract - A Good Supplement for Women

Women's health has a unique set of needs that are based on the delicate hormone balance and their anatomy.

Herbs such as black cohosh extract are important for women's health and have been since the Native Americans used it for various women's complaints. Now, black cohosh extract is well studied and has found its place in modern herbal repertoires.

What is black cohosh?

Black cohosh, or actaea racemosa (was formerly cimicifuga racemosa), is a plant that has a long tradition of use. It is a plant that grows in the forests all along the Eastern United States, from Maine all the way down to Georgia. It is also found in parts of Canada, in Indiana, and Missouri. If you are interested in learning what it looks like, you can easily find it in a standard field guide of those regions.

The Native Americans knew of black cohosh extract and used it often for things such as snakebites and for various problems related to women's health. In the 1800's, physicians caught on to the plant's medicinal value and started including it in various remedies such as those developed for fevers, arthritis, and menstrual problems. It is a popular plant in Europe and is commonly used for menstrual cramps, and to aid the hormone balance in the body for menopausal women. As you can see, the black cohosh plant is valuable for a variety of different problems.

Common Uses for Black Cohosh

There are several uses for black cohosh. Inducing labor is one of them. Another is to help encourage delayed menstruation. Here are some herbal remedies black cohosh is most known for:

  • To Induce Labor - Black cohosh and labor often go together. Black cohosh used to induce labor is often paired with blue cohosh for this purpose. It is for this reason that taking black cohosh during pregnancy is prohibited. Black cohosh for induction has been one of its uses for centuries.
  • Menstruation - Sometimes, menstruation is delayed for reasons such as stress and lifestyle. This is another use for black cohosh - promote menstruation. This means that black cohosh is a uterine stimulant and should be avoided during pregnancy.
  • PCOS - PCOS is a health problem that specifically influences the menstrual cycle. One of the biggest problems with PCOS is the hormones. You can take black cohosh for PCOS to help with the problems that come about from this disorder.
  • Infertility - Black cohosh for infertility is another of its uses. It helps to increase the chances of conceiving. For couples using black cohosh, fertility is one of the best reasons to take it.

Dosage of Black Cohosh

The dosage of black cohosh varies. Things that can affect the black cohosh dosage include body weight, the type of preparation taken (capsules, extract, etc), and what it is used for. In general, it is a good idea to follow the advice of a qualified herbalist or other natural health professional and also the instructions put out by the manufacturer. Keep in mind that the "optimum" dosage will also vary from person to person so doing your own research is essential.

Side Effects of Black Cohosh

You may be wondering, are there any side effects to taking black cohosh? The answer is yes. There are some possible side effects of black cohosh root extract. Women who are pregnant should avoid black cohosh completely until labor, and only use it during labor under the watchful eye of a qualified professional such as a midwife.

There also seems to be a link with black cohosh and breast cancer risk and the rate at which it spreads. If breast cancer is already present, black cohosh may help it spread. Also, will black cohosh make your breast larger? Even if it does, there is no evidence of this. Best to stay away because it may make breast cancer worse and that is not worth the risk.

Taking black cohosh and weight gain are also considerations. Black cohosh can cause some weight gain in certain individuals. There are other side effects with black cohosh. Liver damage may be one of them. Now keep in mind that if herbs are used correctly that minimizes the risk of side effects. Black cohosh enzymatic therapy is also another consideration.

Taking Black Cohosh

Taking black cohosh is an important part of any plan to help rid the body of unwanted menstrual problems. It can help with cramps, infertility, to induce labor, and to help bring about a delayed period. However, it is best to avoid it if you are pregnant.

When it comes to black cohosh, it is important to take the right product in the right dosage or else you will run into trouble. And in some cases, it is better to take black cohosh as part of a combination. All the ingredients work together to help solve a specific female complaint.

The Female Rejuvenator by Xtend-Life is one such product, and one of the best I have found for female problems. It includes a balanced combination of helpful herbs and minerals such as black cohosh, damiana, calcium, and chaste tree berry. It helps balance the hormones, enhance sexual health, and reduce PMS symptoms.

And on the quest to help fix your female complaints, it would be a bad move to do so without approaching the total health perspective. This includes taking a good multivitamin that is geared towards women. Total Balance Range - Women's Plus by Xtend-Life is a great vitamin and mineral supplement that is geared towards the specific needs of women who are in their childbearing years. I feel as if it is important to take a vitamin that is tailored to your specific life stage, and this one does a great job.

Before making any decisions about whether to take black cohosh extract, a balanced female herbal supplement, or a certain vitamin or mineral supplement, it is important to research a product for yourself and ask a qualified professional.

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