Women and the Different Black Cohosh Benefits

Black cohosh benefits are aplenty, but most of them are intended for women who seem to suffer more than men. Every month, they have to battle it out with premenstrual syndrome. When they grow old, they have to deal with signs of menopause. Pregnant women have to go through sometimes very difficult and painful labor.

Fortunately, black cohosh is there to take care of them.

Where It Came From

The black cohosh herb is sometimes called in other names such as black snakeroot, black bugbane, and the cutesy fairy candle. With a scientific name of Actaea racemosa, the plant usually grows in North America, specifically in the areas of Georgia, Arkansas, and Missouri. You would also normally see them in the woodlands.


The process of treating illnesses using the black cohosh extract dates back into the time of the Native Americans.

One of the black cohosh benefits is to treat or relieve the symptoms of arthritis. This is a disease characterized by the inflammation of the joints. In the end, the patient suffers greatly from every movement.

Black cohosh can then be combined in equal parts with other herbs such angelica, genitian root, scull cap, and buckthorn bark, to name a few. You will take one full teaspoon of the mixture and add it to the boiling water. Let it boil for few minutes, after which you can drink the tea. It is advisable to consume one-half cup of the mixture 3 times a day.

Black cohosh may also be utilized to relieve yourself of headache, gingivitis, and measles that are non eruptive. It can also be a good antidote just in case you got bitten by a snake.

However, its greatest use has something to do with women. It can relax the different parts of the female reproductive system. That is why if you are suffering from pre-menstrual cramps or menstruation delay, you may want to drink the extract.

You may also want to take in black cohosh to induce labor, especially when it is combined with blue cohosh. This may be necessary when you are already overdue with your delivery date. Hence, a safety precaution is to ensure that you drink the mixture when you are already more than 40 weeks of your gestation period and with proper guidance from your gynecologist.

Black cohosh also contains phytoestrogens, which may be what you need when you are already on your menopausal stage. You can take black cohosh for menopause or black cohosh for hot flashes, and you can ensure that you can happily conquer this stage in your life with more ease.

The phytoestrogen works like the naturally produced estrogen, which may start to deplete as you get older. With the former, you will be able to regulate your hormones and temperature a lot better.

Enjoying It Today

Right now, you can enjoy the black cohosh benefits by taking in supplements that are abundant with it. One of these is Xtend-life's Female Rejuvenator, which contains 110 mg of black cohosh.

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