Essential Sources of Beta Carotene Foods

Beta Carotene Basics

If you are looking for beta carotene foods, your really don't have to consult your food guide. Foods rich in beta carotene are usually fruits and vegetables that have distinct yellow and orange colors. Add to that your green leafy vegetables, and you're sure to get high concentrations of beta carotene needed for a well-balanced and healthy body.

Among the carotenoids food group, beta carotene is the most popular and most abundant source of pro-Vitamin A compound which is essential for your regular diet. It is part of the phytonutrients family which can be absorbed by the body and converted into retinol which is the most potent and active form of Vitamin A.

Although normally beta carotene foods come in orange and yellow colors, some fruits which have red, pink, or white pigments could also be included in foods high in beta carotene. The reason for this is that other phytonutrients blend with beta carotene resulting to unique food hues and pigmentation.

Best Sources of Beta Carotene Foods

There are many beta carotene foods that you can grab from the market. These include the following:

    Carrot and Spinach

    1. Carrots. You can buy canned carrot juice which is the richest source of beta carotene. A half cup of concentrated carrot juice contains 22,567 IU of Vitamin A. You can drink it everyday and be as bouncy and slick as a bunny.

    A 7 to 8 inch raw carrot consumed daily can give you 8,666 IU of vitamin A. You can slice it and boil the carrots to make it a little tender and still get high amounts of beta carotene.

    2. Spinach. Well, you'll not become a super strong Popeye if you eat Spinach but you'll definitely get lots of beta carotene from it. Spinach is one of the most rich beta carotene foods among the green vegetables. You can eat half cup of boiled Spinach and get 11,458 IU of Vitamin A. You can also eat it raw and still get high a high dose of beta carotene. It is recommended to include 1 cup of Spinach in your daily diet.

    3. Apricots. You can drink a cup or two of Apricot juice, either blended with its peelings or canned, and you will get more than 4,000 IU of vitamin A from it. You can also buy from any grocery canned nectar of Apricot which is a very rich beta carotene source. Just make sure that you choose the all-natural variety and those without other preservatives.

Actually you can have a long list of foods high in beta carotene which could make your diet exciting and delectable. You can include peaches, tomato juice, mango, papaya, oatmeal, and lots more. These will give variety to your diet and you can prepare different combinations of fruits and vegetables.

Fortify Your Diet with Beta Carotene Supplements

If you want to fortify your daily diet, you can take Beta Carotene supplements. A good product is Beta Carotene Soft Gel which has 108% of beta carotene. This is manufactured by the Life Extension Foundation.

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