The Health Benefits Of Vitamin E

Discover the Benefits of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is also know as alphatocopherol, with D alpha-tocopherol being the most absorbable.

Vitamin E is available from both natural and synthetic sources, and is classed as a fat soluble vitamin. Vitamin E is contained in many of today's skin ointments, salves and creams although claims of its beneficial effects have not been confirmed.

Beware, however: freezing destroys Vitamin E, while extreme heat causes vitamin E to break down. Avoid deep frying foods that are natural sources of this vitamin.

Where Do I Get Vitamin E?

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The best place to get natural vitamin E is via diet. Natural sources of Vitamin E include almonds, asparagus, avocados, brazil nuts, broccoli, canola oil, corn, cottonseed oil, fortified cereals, peanuts, safflower nuts an oil, soybean oil, spinach, sunflower seeds, walnuts and wheat germ.

What Are The Benefits?

There are many benefits of vitamin E, including the simple fact that it promotes normal growth and development, and treats and prevents vitamin E deficiency in premature or low birth weight infants. It also acts as an anti-blood clotting agent and promotes normal red blood cell formation.

The benefits of vitamin E also include promoting Vitamin C recycling, and reducing the risk of a fatal first myocardial infarction (heart attack) in men. It also helps to protect against prostate cancer and is an antioxidant for cancer and heart disease. Additional benefits include the reduction in symptoms of fibrocystic disease, and may reduce circulatory problems in the lower body. It has also been know to enhance sexual performance and improve muscle strength and stamina.

With all these factors in mind it is easy to see that the benefits of vitamin E are essential to overall, lifelong health.

Who Will Benefit From Vitamin E?

Virtually anyone who is known to have a poor diet will enjoy the benefits of Vitamin E. This includes people who abuse alcohol or other drugs. People who have a chronic wasting illness, or those who are under excess stress for long periods of time will also benefit from Vitamin E. Anyone who is deemed to be at risk of a heart attack and people with cystic fibrosis or celiac disease will also find a friend in Vitamin E.

Low Deficiency Symptoms

Premature infants and children will show signs of vitamin E deficiency through irritability, edema and haemolytic anaemia. In adults deficiency will manifest itself through lethargy, apathy, inability to concentrate and nerve dysfunction.

Taking a Vitamin E Supplement

Vitamin E supplements are available as tablets or capsules, and should be swallowed whole with a full glass of liquid. They should be taken immediately after eating to decrease stomach irritation. Vitamin E is contained in many of today's multivitamin supplements and is also available from a pharmacy without a prescription.

Note: you should not take vitamin E is you are taking coumadin, and you should also consult your doctor before taking this vitamin if you have cystic fibrosis, intestinal problems, liver disease or an overactive thyroid.

Overdose Signs And Symptoms

A vitamin E overdose will deplete vitamin A stores in your body and very high doses (over 1000 IU/day) may cause nausea, flatulence, headaches, fainting, diarrhoea, altered immunity and altered metabolism of the thyroid. If any of these symptoms occur you should discontinue the treatment and consult your doctor immediately!

Also bear in mind that antacids decrease vitamin E absorption, as does tobacco and alcohol consumption. Anticoagulants such as coumadin may interact negatively with vitamin E and lead to spontaneous or hidden bleeding. As always, talk to your doctor if you have any concerns or discomfort, and for more tips on how to exploit all of the benefits of vitamin E.

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