Benefits Of Milk Thistle. Taking Care Of Your Liver

Taking Care Of Your Liver

There are many benefits of milk thistle, but the most common use for this herb is in protecting the liver.

Milk thistle use for treating liver ailments dates back to the ancient Greeks

and this herb has also been used in Chinese medicine for 2000 years.

Milk Thistle Flower

There are over 300 research studies into milk thistle use and its benefits to back up its proven value in liver health today. Many of these studies were carried out in Europe and milk thistle is one of the herbs approved by the Commission E for its beneficial effects on liver-related diseases such as toxic liver damage, inflammatory liver disease, and cirrhosis.

Liver Herb - Benefits of Milk Thistle Herb

The herb milk thistle could be called the liver's best friend. Milk thistle use not only protects the liver from toxins but it also plays an important healing role too. Milk thistle helps to repair liver cells and promotes the regeneration of new cells. In summary milk thistle benefits the liver by ensuring that the liver's daily tasks are carried out and that the liver has the ability to rejuvenate itself.

More about the Benefits of Milk thistle

  • Antioxidant: Silymarin, an active ingredient in the milk thistle complex, is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from free radicals that cause cellular damage. Milk thistle extract also motivates other compounds that have antioxidative properties such as glutathione and superoxide dismutase.
  • Glutathione; a vital substance for the detoxification of the liver. In one study, milk thistle use raised the glutathione levels in the body more than 30%; this in turn meant that the liver was more effective at cleansing the body and eliminating toxic substances.
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  • Alcohol-Related Diseases: Another benefit of milk thistle is its ability to work as a guardian to the liver and prevent the toxicity caused by alcohol consumption. Consuming alcohol in large amounts causes the liver to work overtime and in the long term causes serious liver disease such as cirrhosis. Milk thistle use helps to repair and regenerate liver cells, and also helps to block fibrosis, which if not treated can lead to cirrhosis.
  • The major health benefits of milk thistle is the fact that this herb has been found to be an effective medicinal treatment in patients suffering from alcoholic cirrhosis, alcohol-induced liver damage, and hepatitis. Actually, milk thistle benefits all kinds of liver toxicity. Learn more about milk thistle and heapatitis C.

  • Gallstones: Milk thistle stimulates the bile flow and is helpful in both preventing and treating gallstones.
  • Promising Cancer-Fighting Properties : Although there have been no clinical studies carried out on humans, laboratory studies indicate that silibinin, an active compound of silymarin , is effective in fighting cancer cells found in prostate, cervical, and breast cancers The use of milk thistle has helped to reduce the cancer cell growth and has also improved the efficacy of chemotherapy drugs.

Milk Thistle Side Effects

Milk thistle side effects are quite rare, but on some occasions, milk thistle use can cause a laxative effect when used in high doses. If this occurs it is advised to stop taking milk thistle for a couple of days.

Milk Thistle Dosage

200-400 mg silymarin two to three times per day is what experts recommend in order to gain optimum health benefits. You will find milk thistle extracts that have been standardized to contain 70 -80 % silymarin. By multiplying the percentage with the actual mg of each capsule, you can calculate the net amount of the active ingredient that you would be consuming.

Choosing a Milk Thistle Supplement

Silymarin bound with phosphatidylcholine, known as the patented phytosome process, improves the benefits of milk thistle by up to 10 times. This new form can be absorbed better than standard milk thistle extracts.

In one study, a group using a silymarin bound form was compared with two other groups; one is using standard milk thistle extract and other is a placebo group. The group taking the bound formula achieved a faster liver recovery time than the other groups. Other clinical studies have also verified these results.

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