What are the Specific Benefits of Beta Carotene?

The benefits of beta carotene are numerous it could be considered one of the wonder foods occurring naturally. You can also easily address insufficient consumption of this essential nutrient through beta carotene natural food supplements.

With enough beta carotene, your body can have a well balanced development and you can easily avoid common diseases as well as serious degenerative medical conditions.

Important Benefits of Beta Carotene

Some of the most pronounced benefits of beta carotene include:

1. Beta carotene could certainly save you from Vitamin A deficiency. Beta carotene is the most abundant pro-Vitamin A compound and when ingested, it can be easily converted to retinol. It is a known fact that retinol is an active Vitamin A which is very essential for a healthy well being.

2. There is also a direct relationship between beta carotene and cancer. Some experts believed that beta carotene can effectively prevent cancer. Because beta carotene has powerful antioxidant properties, it can help clean the body of free radicals that can cause cancer. Sufficient beta carotene supply can also strengthen the body's auto immune system making it more effective in fighting degenerative diseases such as cancer.

3. Beta carotene can also promote healthy cell regeneration and can increase the capacity of human cells to communicate with each other. This will lessen the risk of diseases and will promote total health balance.

4. Beta carotene vitamins are also believed to promote better reproductive system. It can increase the capacity of female reproductive system to develop healthy eggs. This is essential for the development of a healthy new life.

Indeed, the benefits of beta carotene are very profound and have long term effects. Other specific health benefits of beta carotene are being discovered and researchers are particularly focusing their attention to its anti-cancer properties.

Sources of Beta Carotene

As a naturally occurring phytonutrients, you can get beta carotene from the daily food you eat. Some of the richest food sources of beta carotene are carrots, green leafy vegetables, and fruits such as peaches, mangoes, papaya, tomatoes, bell peppers, and other orange and green pigmented fruits. You can eat these foods raw or cooked. You can also buy frozen or canned varieties as long as they don't contain preservatives or other artificial ingredients.

You can also get your beta carotene supply from natural food supplements that are widely available in the market. However, before taking any supplements you better seek the advice of your physician first. Consulting a doctor will help you determine the right dosage and the proper food supplement needed by your body.

Total Balance Bringing Total Health Benefits

You can try - Life Extension's Beta Carotene Natural Food Supplements. It comes in two varieties. Life Extension has a soft gel Beta Carotene Supplement and they also offer Beta Carotene Powder. These are pure beta carotene supplements products which can be taken daily based on the manufacturer's recommended dosage.

The best health supplement however available in the market is Xtendlife's Total Balance Unisex Natural Food Supplement. Total Balance is a very rich source of beta carotene which can offer up to 5000 IU of beta carotene. This would be sufficient for your daily needs.

The unique properties of Total Balance is you can also get hundreds of other essential vitamins and minerals from it as well as important enzymes, amino acids, herbal extracts, and auto immune supplements.

Total Balance Unisex also has a unique Delivery System. Its pill has an acid resistant enteric coating so when you ingest it the ingredients will not be dissolved by the stomach acids. After it passed through the digestive system, all its active ingredients can be delivered to the body making it more effective than other natural supplements in the market.

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