Natural Pain Relief: Benefits of Arnica Montana

Arnica montana is a plant that has a long tradition and history of use in folk lore and plant medicine.

The benefits of arnica montana include relieving pain, especially those that are related to arthritis and injuries such as sports injuries. It is a popular herb for athletes to use because when applied topically it can have a positive effect on pain. It is a popular herb to use in Germany and you can readily find it in both the dried herb form, in homeopathic pills, and as a topical preparation.

Arnica Montana Benefits

So, what is arnica montana used for? The biggest of the benefits of arnica montana is that it can be useful where there is pain and bruising. When people use it, they report a decrease in overall pain and report that they seem to heal quicker than normal. That is because arnica has been traditionally used for this purpose and there is a lot of anecdotal and medically based evidence as to the benefits of arnica montana. It is also good where there are sports injuries and sprains present and is a popular thing to take for athletes.

Side Effects of Arnica Montana

Even though there are a lot of benefits of arnica montana, particularly with bruises, injuries, and generalized or localized pain. There is some controversy and the question is, is arnica safe? The answer is yes, but only if used correctly. There are things to beware of if you decide to take it.

First, arnica and pregnancy do not go together so the herb should be avoided during pregnancy. Also, if you use arnica gel or cream, be careful to not apply it to broken skin. Only apply it to skin that does not have any cuts on it. Also, it should not be taken internally because it can be too potent and harmful unless taken as a homeopathic treatment. Arnica homeopathic remedies come in little tablets and can be found as arnica montana 6x and arnica montana 30x or 30c.

Arnica Montana Dosage

The dosage of arnica montana depends on the form in which you take it. The benefits of arnica montana also vary. The two tend to go together. For example, if you have a lot of bruising from an accident, you may want to take both the homeopathic arnica montana remedy and the topical cream or gel. The correct dosage is listed on the packaging. Or if you are working with a holistic health care specialist, ask them what the dosage should be.

Research Arnica Montana

Before taking an herbal remedy such as arnica montana, it is important to do your own research and come to your own conclusions about the plant. That is because everyone reacts to plants differently. Even though the majority of people who try arnica find it helpful, it is still good to learn all you can about it and its uses.

Another thing you might want to do is find a health care specialist who knows about arnica montana. You can work with them as they advise you on which form to take and how often to take it. Even if you do work with a specialist such as an herbalist or naturopath, you should still do your own research.

Taking Arnica Montana

When it comes to taking arnica montana, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, depending on your situation you might take different forms of it. If you need some help with bruising, for example, you can take it internally as a homeopathic and externally as a gel or cream, such as Arniflora Arnica Gel, Welada Arnica, and Boiron Arnica. You can buy arnica products online, at health food stores, and in other retail stores. You will probably find the best deals online, though.

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